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The Grab Bag

Fur Crying Out Loud!
Paul in duping ad shock horror!

"Free Fur Video!" announced the harmless-looking advertisement ub a special coat supplement within the 14 October issue of the upmarket magazine New Yorker. "Before you buy, let us show you wour lively collection of fox, mink, and raccoons. You'll be astounded and could save thousands." Those interested could call "Paul's Furs" on 212-734-7433.

And those who did heard Paul McCartney's voice - unidentified - inviting callers to leave their name and address.

Each caller was then mailed a video by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), showing, in graphic detail, how animals are cruelly murdered for the skin on their backs: beavers drowning in water traps, foxes being electrocuted, minks having their necks broken.

Paul's Furs Ad
The "thousands" that could be saved, in other words, referred to animals, not dollar bills.
Eleven prospective fur buyers were sent the video, and - one can guess - were probably not best pleased. Also upset was The New Yorker, which felt it had be suckered. "The ad was placed with the appearance of all propriety and we accepted it," a spokesperson for the magazine told the New York Times (which ran a big news item on the story). "They filled out all the proper forms and it didn't seem unusual. We would not have run an intentionally misleading ad."

Accused of practising deception, PETA has strongly defended this new and effective method of campaigning. "I think it is no more misleading than fur industry advertising portraying fur as a glamorous fabric," suggested Dan Matthews, PETA campaign director.

Adding his voice by way of PETA press release, Paul McCartney commented, "Prospective customers will see who pays the ultimate price for fur: the animals."

From Club Sandwich Winter 1996 Issue #80
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