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The Grab Bag

You Got The i.d.e.a.

Pick up a smart new badge, we said.
You did.
Wear it with pride, we said.
You have.
Be the envy of all your friends, we said.
You are.
In your droves, you wrote in for your free i.d.e.a. badges, as conceived by Paul, as worn on his lapel and as given away by him, to you, through an offer in the Winter 1995 CS.
Paul's intention that was that confirmed vegetarians would apply for some badges, wear one themselves and pass on the others to friends, family, lovers, whomsoever deserved them, really, just so long as they too were vegetarian.
So we are delighted to announce that reports have been recieved confirming definite sightings of the badges in the near and indeed far flung corners of our globe.
OK, we understand that some of you have out the odd spot of bother in working out how to affix them to your clothing, but that, in a variety of weird ans wonderful ways, all such problems have been effectively surmounted.
There are now more than 1000 i.d.e.a. [i don't eat animals] badges out there. Go up and say hello if you should see somebody wearing one because you'll be sure a friendly reception. And you might think about taking a photo - if you do then send it along to us here at the Sandwich: we may have a use for it.
i.d.e.a. badge

From Club Sandwich, Summer 1996 Issue #78
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