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The Grab Bag

Wide Prairie Internet Chat

This is the transcript of the Wide Prairie Chat Paul did on Yahoo.com.

From Arlen Murdock: Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the similarity between Linda's sound and John Lennon"

Paul McCartney: "I can't, but there you go. We'll listen more."

From Lynn Harvey: Hi Paul, do you plan on releasing more singles from WP?"

PM: "Yes. Next single will be Light comes from Within" Pretty feisty song for Linda, getting back at her critics. Video is in the works, released in early 99. The last year of the century! Can you believe that!

From Rich Brown: I'm surprised my favourite song on WP was without your participation. Did Linda present final song to you?"

PM: "She worked on the song in her own session and brought it in. Linda said, "that bit in the middle needs some work" to some other guys. The other guys made some fixes. And there it was. Done without my participation. I think it's a sweet song. A bit emotional for me, that is."

PM: John from Birmingham asked if Linda played guitar. Well, here's some proof! (Paulís holding up a photo of her on concert in Florida)

From Paula Stewart: The song Love's Full Glory is absolutely beautiful. Was it a surprise gift?"

PM: It wasn't a surprise for a special occasion. It was true that after I'd written My Love, Linda liked the idea of working on a follow. It's a beautiful song. She wasn't playing piano, but a mini-Moog. She had a wonderful melody on there. Thanks for writing the question. On with our projection. This is beginning to look like a real show!

From Ben Okuly from Ohio. Hi Paul, I enjoy the WP album. Any more of Linda's songs that haven't been released?"

PM: "Yeah, there's one and one only. I still remember the tune to it. I keep swearing I'll go to a tape recorder before I forget it. Can't give you any details, because I don't remember all of it, but one of these days, Maybe a recording."

From Cornell University, Carol in the USA: Were the lyrics written in response to one incident -the lyrics, I have a lot of righteous anger -- or as a result of many incidents?

PM: That's a good question. Those songs are full of anger and it's a tongue in cheek anger. Yeah, they were in response to a long string of slights. In the early days when we first got together, a lot of people were jealous. We got a lot of trouble from that. I think mainly though, it'd be the critics. People were upset when she joined Wings. People thought we should have had "stars" and not "my old lady" on stage.

Question: From Arlene, From Sao Paolo Brazil, Do you have plans to re-issue a mix of B-Side to Seaside and Seaside Woman?

PM: Well the simple answer to that Aileen is no, but your question may prompt me to release seaside woman; if we ever do you'll know it was your idea. Kenneth from Nashville, TN - Kenny G! Baby! - Has any thought been given to releasing Loves Full Glory on the Capital country label since its much more country than some of the garbage that they are releasing? I don't think any thought has been given to releasing it as a single on the Nashville album label.

From Uta: I love that photo of Linda on the Cover of Wide Prairie. Did you choose it?

PM: Yeah, I did actually in conjunction with people who were doing the artwork... I did like that photograph because I thought it would be a nice one. I always liked that photograph. It's iconic, slightly angelic, very lovely photograph and I think Norman really put this package together. Itís a very lovely package... I always smell paper. It's a little habit -- maybe other people out there smell paper. I did use this because I love it. It's really nice, one of my favourites

From Adams from Sidney, Australia: Dear Paul, I read that you and Linda had discovered a lot of unpublished photos of the Beatles and that you were thinking of making a photo film of them. What is a photo film and are you doing it?

PM: Okay, yeah... she actually did one of the grateful dead and I noticed on the contact sheet that the shots were similar and if you looked thru them quickly it looked like a film, so I got the idea to flip through them quickly so that's how the Grateful Dead photo film came about.. The other I'm working on, they aren't all unpublished photos of the Beatles, but I'm hoping to do some kind of photo film with it. but it's a long project and will take sometime and hopefully will go on general release.

From Canada, Vancouver, Hello Paul, one quick question, Have you ever painted Linda's portrait?

PM: Yeah I have. I have an art book around here somewhere I might be able to show you. and be able to show you. Yeah, I have. I did a lot of portraits of Linda. She was one of the people who was around, who would let me paint her portrait and would sit. Here's a couple of portraits here. I did do a lot of them. This one was done one evening. and this one also one evening. I reckon in my pictures of Linda I managed to get something of her, but not all of it. Always trying to capture her essence. I caught something...

From Canada we to Quebec: What a thrill it is for me to know that you are doing this online broadcast? For those of us who have just gone veggie, what are some of the alternatives for the good ole Christmas turkey?

PM: Okay, well, what you've got to do is make the meal as if you were having the turkey all the rest of it is the same. As Linda used to say, when you go veggie you're just giving up one part of your diet. There are a lot of great products in stores that you can buy at the grocers. When Linda and I first had a problem, over 20 years ago now, when we first went veggie. What she did is took a really good macaroni cheese and cooked it really thick and let it sit a day or two and that was really good. There are some recipes. in Linda's new book. This is Linda McCartney on Tour and here we go on page 113 ... Let's hope that will help solve your problems. So there ya go, thanks for doing that question Carrie, for letting me do that promo for On Tour recipes. Do you think I could get a job on one of those shopping channels? You guys have to call in though!

Greeting from unnamed in Mexico - we have a desperado on the run! What are you running from? With all your fame and popularity, how did you manage to have such a good marriage?

PM: Well you know what there's only one answer to that. We really loved each other.

This from Deidra from Mexico City. On the run with Greetings are you? She says, Hi Paul, do you think you'll ever go on tour again?

PM: I just take to it naturally... while people say "It's 10 years since he toured" But I think I will soon

On now we come to the last question from Arlene Murdoch, her question is, Did Linda teach you to cook?

PM: Yeah she did. I can cook a little bit before we met, but the thing is Linda was such a good cook that she was so much better than me that I didn't learn. Actually we'll be doing some cooking later in the show. We now are going to now see the video to Seaside Woman, one of the first ones that Linda wrote herself. Inspired by our love of the Caribbean. It won the Palme D'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. And here is the video that won the prize - Seaside Woman.

Seaside Woman Plays

PM: Okay that was Seaside Woman and that film won Palm D'Or at Cannes. We going to talk about animals... the song is White Coated Man. Here's the video for White Coated Man

The White Coated Man Plays

PM: Okay that was White Coated Man, the new video, a pretty hard hitting video but it has to be because of the subject matter of the song. I think you know that Linda and I have campaigned for years for animal rights. It's time now at the end of the century to treat them right. Now we're moving on to a cookery session! I'm going to do a recipe I gave Linda for her new book On Tour and it's a recipe for Mashed Potatoes. Okay, thru the kitchen... here we go. Right I've never done this before but how exciting is this on the Internet.

PM: Cut the potatoes in half. At that kind of size. Sling them into some boiling water for about 20 minutes. Take a bit of salt and sprinkle that in. Some brilliant cooks are out there -- so just have a laugh at me doing this. The others will be highly educated by this procedure :-) Now you can prepare the onion. I cut around the onion and pull the outside layer. You get your onion and take the outer layers off. Oh a funny little bit appeared! Thankfully it's only a demonstration! Linda taught me...Here's a brilliant trick... that Linda taught me. cut lines across the onions. Now turn it around and cut lines the other way, now you have a grid on the onion. Then turn it on the side and slice it. Voila! Chopped onion! It's a miracle! Wipe your hands -- this is like a series? Isn't it viewers? Let's say the potatoes have been boiling for 20 minutes. Drain the water carefully. Don't get scalded! It isn't wonderful! Don't get scalded! Let's dry it off a bit and take the potato masher. Now mash the squirts. I'll just give 'em a bit. Mash the spuds up. No lumps. A nice little professional touch there. Take some margarine, non-hydrogenated, of course.

PM: Depending on what you want to do, put some in there. Let it melt, which it does because the potatoes are hot. Put in some milk, soy milk is fine, or semi skim. Now put in some more salt to taste. Once you put too much in, you've had it, so be careful. Whisk it up a bit. Now put the onions in, and then a little more milk. The finer you chop the better. Off we go, whisking again. Taste it. Mmmmmm! Very good! No laughing please, this is a serious cooking program! Now a little more whisking. I don't bother with those professional whisks. Now basically, here's you mashed potatoes. Tasting very good. Just a little more sea salt. It's brilliant stuff. When you serve it up, you can do then is take a big fluffy bit and stick it in your dish. It's starting to look good. I'm not going to let the crew eat it.

PM: Normally you do, but I'm not. I'm eating all of it. Not really :) You could just take a little sprinkle of parsley and put it on the top and that is the creation known as mashed potatoes. There you go. I can hear your applause from here. Okay, let's get on with the show! Now the songbook. Lovely pictures in it. For those of you who are budding musicians, you get the words and the music. Don't show it to me, mate, I can't read that stuff. How do I get it? We're treating the Internet as a shop. You can click a button on the bottom of our page. Now the cookbook. All sorts of places. Beautiful photographs put together by Linda and Mary. And again, if you press on the Linda button on our page, you can find out where to get the album. I'm going to sign a few of the ones bought on the Internet. Not all of them, just a few. If you're lucky you might get a signed copy. If not, you still have a fine album. I'll do some more later. Just press the Linda button on the bottom of our page. No excuse, whatsoever. And now the next section of our show... Linda put this together. Here you go, Maybe I'm Amazed.

Maybe Iím Amazed Plays

PM: Okay that was Maybe I'm Amazed and that was nice. Well this is time to literally sign off. I'm going to thank you for plugging in and signing online. Thanks for being with us, and it's been a pleasure to be with you for this web cast. I hope you're interested in Wide Prairie... it's a rockin' good album; I want to wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a very peaceful year. Dig it it's the last of this century... Thank you from joining us. and from the Wide Prairie McCartney web cast this is me Paul signing off... see ya.

cerealzine asks: Paul, what do you think about the internet???

PM: I think the Internet is really cool and it's been great fun doing the show. Hope you enjoyed it.

wildmercury asks: Paul, how do you see computers/internet helping/hurting Music?

PM: It never worries me what medium music is presented on as long as the music is good so I think the Net will only help to spread the word

janet017 asks: How much of a collaborative effort were the songs on Wide Prairie? MA USA

PM: Some of the songs were collaborations, some were totally written by Linda, and some were written by other writers and admired by Linda and myself. Thanks for your question.

LSABO asks: What is you favourite Linda song?

PM: On this album, I think it's the light comes from within because of the feisty way Linda hits back at her critics and detractors. I also love the ballads endless days and love's full glory. And for other reasons to do with animal welfare I love the white coated man

IBMAFF asks: How about a weekly cooking show?

PM: Okay that sounds like a great idea. I must say I was wondering whether I would be able to get into the cookery section of this show but as it went along I felt more and more comfortable and definitely think we ought to develop it into an hourly series

Germ_Beatles asks: Not really a question but I wanna say that you were great... hope you'll do this again.

PM: I have to respond to such flattery. Seriously, I am glad you enjoyed it. It was an unashamed plug for all Linda's stuff and I felt strangely comfortable doing it. Is this a new career???

Gary_Wayne asks: Paul do you still smoke anything???????????????????????????????????????

PM: Why, have you got some? Please behave yourself on the Internet, there may be people watching.

Jude_1981 asks: What's your favourite veggie recipe?

PM: My favourite recipe is quiche. Linda always made the fluffiest sit up and beg quiche that I've ever had. This typing is coming to you courtesy of my lovely daughter, Mary, who is faster than me.

jenmayo1 asks: Do you have a web site we can visit?

PM: Tonight the best thing to do is press the Linda button, it's the pink heart above, and have a look through all that stuff, Otherwise, there is an MPL website that has news updates on what's happening. It's on www.mplcommunications.com

Radio_Pro asks: Great job by Linda and the videos are extra cool

PM: Thanks, glad you enjoyed the show and the videos. Watch out for more videos in the new year.

PhilSilvers asks: Are you happy with anthology

PM: I think the anthology was great and I was happy with the whole presentation. The biggest difficulty was how much truth you would be able to get into a relatively short time. One or two issues might have got fudged a bit. But overall I thought it was a really enjoyable show.

jreal asks: Why did you become a vegetarian?

PM: It suddenly occurred to me that the animals that I loved were the same animals I was eating. This didn't seem to me to be the coolest of ideas. Linda and I decided that the leg of lamb we were eating at the time would look better left on the lamb.

RonnieTheScouser asks: Mary, is your dads cooking all its cracked up to be? Steven, Liverpool

PM: Dear Ronnie, this is going to be the last question of the evening and because Maryís already left the building

I'm gonna answer. Her dad's cooking is definitely all that it's cracked up to be. Couldn't you tell from the mashed potato sequence? Was it this difficult for Edison and his team? We're off to get something to eat so give my regards to Liverpool, Ron.

ChatYahoo_Lisa: Thanks for joining us Paul! Please chat with us again!

PM: See you internetters everywhere! (or should that be - internutters???) good night.

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