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Flaming Puzzle

As well as a definition, each clue contains, in upper case, the mixed-up letters of the title of a song on Paul's new album. (Which at the time was Flaming Pie.)
Lovely Evening for A TUNEFUL BIG HIT (2 words)
FILMING APE in the wild for a new album (2 words)
Small tree on river-bank? O, WELL-TIT WILL occupy it (2 words)
SO, I ASK CECIL about the grey weather (2 words)
For weekend bliss, YOU NEED SAVANNAH (4 words)
SAMOYEDS will be taken out at indefinite times in the future. (1 word)
GROGGINESS THE NEW WINE brings to our old number (5 words)
Mischievious once, BUSTED ABODE (4 words)
THROW LIGHT TO END the globe in darkness (3 words)
GO, BUY YON unusual stripling! (2 words)
Keepsakes to stir OUR VEINS (1 word)
Admiration of you confirmed in YEAR YOU'LL LOVE (3 words)
IOWA ANY FUN? It's up to you! (3 words)
A TRAGEDY? Not in this special time! (2 words)
From Club Sandwich, Summer 1997 Issue #82

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