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Reasons to Love the Maccas

Reasons to Love the McCartney's

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  1. Paulís love for Lin
    This one is rather obvious...
  2. Paulís love for his children
    Again, obvious
  3. Linís love for Paul
  4. Linís love for the children
  5. The priority for Paul to be a ďfamily manĒ not ďrock star.Ē
    He took his family with him on tour...
  6. Paulís cute smile
    Again, no explanation needed
  7. Blackbird Singing
    The book, such great poems, even in half are recycled.
  8. Wide Prairie
    The whole gutsyness of it.
  9. The pun on ďPaul is DeadĒ in Paul is Live
    Paul is live, Paul is dead, 59 IS...
  10. Paulís thank you note to Mary on the back of Paul is Live.
    Without whom it would have all been possible??
  11. Nickname Macca
  12. The bluesy intro to ďHi, Hi, HiĒ
    Go listen
  13. The lady suffragette in ďJetĒ
    I LOVE the way he says it in that accent!
  14. The cry-your-eyes-out music video for Little Willow
    It just makes me sad...
  15. The story of the name ďWingsĒ
    "I was sort of thinking about some angels wings..."
  16. The story behind Picassoís Last Words
    Someone (Dustin Hoffman?) asked Paul to write a song about a Life article.
  17. The French chorus in Picassoís Last Words
    Its too funny
  18. The film for Seaside Woman
    Very cute, and it got an award.
  19. The song "The Good Stuff" by Kenny Chesney because its so reminicent of P&L.
    See the Baby's Request
  20. Linís I-Know-something-you-donít-know smile
    It's one that you see and you just know you see it.
  21. The dramatic sound of Oriental Night fish
    I love the way that it's spoken not sung really.
  22. The WP internet chat
    Way too funny
  23. Lin and Paul cooking Beefless Beef Stroganoff
    Paul's probably not helping much, but its cute.
  24. Lin and Paul on the Simpsonís
    Check the photo albums.
  25. The story of how they went veggie
    The little lambs.
  26. Paulís induction speech to The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame
    Too cool how he goes on aboutt how he loves Cleveland for Lin's mom and he loves NY for Linda and all that.
  27. Stellaís T-Shirt for Paulís induction
    "About Fing Time!" and it was too.
  28. Band On The Run double CD set and the slightly toasted mixes
    Those are so much fun to listen to!
  29. The cartoon of the Queen in Paintings
    You gotta see em!
  30. The similarity between For No One and Another Day
    It's like they're chapters in a book.
  31. Paulís letter to John
    For his intro to the RnR HOF
  32. The noises at the end of the Lovely Linda
    The door squeaks, listen.
  33. The truthfulness of Too Many People
    There are just too many darn people.
  34. The funny look on Linís face as Paul drives the airport buggy around fast.
    In the PIL video, check the film archive
  35. The picture of Paul and baby Mary on McCartney
    McCartney album
  36. Linís accent
    It's so mixed that it's really hard to immitate!
  37. Linís American-High school-in the 40ís jokes
    "Say it don't spray it!"
  38. Heatherís press conference in Atlanta
    "Read Jane P.'s transcript
  39. Paulís attempt to cook mashed potatoes
    It just sounds so cute!
  40. Linís photos
    'Nuff said
  41. The carefree sound of Mamunia
  42. Paulís accent on Michelle
    I really don't think it's French...
  43. The pre-concert film in Paul Is Live
    See Film Archive
  44. The funny dialogue from McCartney
    I think I meant the interview disc...
  45. The Polaroid snapshots from Band on the Run
    The poster.
  46. Paulís Celtic drawings
    The yellow is a bit overpowering though.
  47. Paulís Liverpuldian accent
    I love it!
  48. Paulís overuse of ďreallyĒ
    I guess I do this too, really. :-)
  49. Their sheepdogs
    Such cool animals
  50. An excited Lin
    Like when she'd start talking about something like going veggie and she'd start on a tangent...
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