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Reasons to Love the Maccas

Reasons to Love the McCartney's

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  1. The feet in Off the Ground
    It's kinda sad that I can identify the feet.
  2. Linís mini-moog in Loveís Full Glory
    It sounds sooo cool!
  3. The combo of Loveís Full Glory and My Love
    Total reply to each other.
  4. Paul and Linís Playboy interview
    It's not that bad actually, just the Lovely Rita bit.
  5. The re-issue of Linda sheet music
    It had her then and then. (Check out the first page)
  6. Working Classical
    I love to study with this CD
  7. Linís ďsit-up-and-begĒ quiche
    I STILL can't get to this standard.
  8. Paul and Lin at Stellaís debut
    Just like supporting parents, which they are/were.
  9. Linís cookbooks
    See the Green Corner
  10. Jamesí solo on Heaven on a Sunday
    Kinda long, but great how he and Paul switch.
  11. The Young Turk nickname for James in FP
    :-) He's just a young turk looking for a way to find love.
  12. The logo on Flaming Pie
    I love when he draws it.
  13. The Life pictures of Mary and Lin
    So sweet.
  14. Picture of Lin kissing James in 1978
  15. Paulís reaction to the Life reporter (He threw a bucket of water on their head.)
    That's one way to handle it.
  16. The drawing on the back of Wings Wild Life
  17. Linís braveness while fighting cancer
    'Nuff said
  18. Give My Regards to Broad Street
    Yes, I KNOW it has no real storyline, but why pass up a dream within a dream??
  19. Mary Had A Little Lamb
    I think it's just so cool how he released this one
  20. Paul on Good Morning America
    The interview bugs me but it was sweet
  21. Wingspan
    ALL OF IT!
  22. Alistair Donald, Maryís husband
    She picked well
  23. Paulís smart baby comment
    Well, look at Arthur's rents.
  24. Linís musical note earrings
    I want some like that!
  25. Their story of being mugged in Lagos
    Keep your hands off Paul, thugs!
  26. Lin as Mary in Mary had A Little Lamb
    She's not really Mary, but she could be.
  27. Paulís the Jerk of All Jerks
    That poem sums it up for me.
  28. The boat icon on London Town
    On the album LP sleeve
  29. Polygon in Hi, Hi, Hi
    Make up your mind, which one?
  30. Mary drawing on hands in the ocean
    From A Portrait, on the London Town boats
  31. Members of Wings quitting in Lagos, Nigeria
    They all just quit.
  32. Cover of Band On The Run
    Lin's idea
  33. Linís signature
    See Linda Memorials
  34. Geoff, their publicist
    He's too funny, look at his articles!
  35. Golden Earth Girl
    Everything, just listen!
  36. Paulís poetry reading in NYC ending with WhyDonít We Do It in the Road and the audience joining in.
    It was because people were a bit stuffy.
  37. The Paul beanie baby
    It's a walrus.
  38. The Letís Slide down a Sandy Hill on Our Rears film clip
    A pic is in the Wingspan pics.
  39. Wingspan telly commercial
    I loved when it came on, I'd drop everything and sing!sing!sing!
  40. Wingís Logo
    Super neato
  41. PETA
    And the DVD concert deal
  42. Green peace
    See Paul Is Live video
  43. Paulís sometime illegible handwriting
    But it's so cool anyway
  44. Juniorís Farm
    They took a verse out in the US version
  45. Paulís way of saying Linda ďLindraĒ
    His accent rocks!
  46. Linís ďLetís go naturalĒ look
    Or rather, "I don't really care what you think I should wear, this is what I'm wearing and if you don't like it, tough."
  47. Rocking On!
    See Paul's Poems
  48. The Wings hand sign
    And how Mary can't seem to get it in the Wingspan Outtakes
  49. MPL
    McCartney Productions Limited
  50. The new world tour 1993
    Cos I was alive for it!
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