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Reasons to Love the Maccas

Reasons to Love the McCartney's

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  1. Little Mary running around in red coveralls
    So sweet!
  2. Lin’s vocals on Dear Bay
  3. Paul’s “drag” comment after John’s death
    It was a drag, but in the heaviest sense of the word. It still is.
  4. Fireman
    He loves you.
  5. Butter pie in Admiral Halsey Uncle Albert
    Well I don't know what a butter pie is.
  6. Blessed
    A poem, the first non-song poem I memorised
  7. “Plastic Macs”
    The band in Coming Up! video
  8. “Sid’s a lie”
    Poem line, but who are you to know about a fool such as I?
  9. Drunken chorus Picasso’s Last Words
    Kinda funky.
  10. The Grateful Dead photo film
    I've heard its super cool.
  11. Seaside Woman
    First song, great!
  12. Wide Prairie video
    It was up for awhile, I don't know where it went.
  13. Anti-Alarm Call
  14. The end of Beautiful Night
    Rock on!
  15. “Yes Sir!”
    Cos he is, ya know.
  16. “Cute then, Gorgeous Now”
    Jane P's Banner
  17. Paul on Oprah
    And the one man band videos
  18. Lin’s spoken songs
    Oriental Nightfish, White Coated Man...
  19. Band on the Run artifacts
    The eggs, the beer cans, the toilet??
  20. The “press posters”
    Like my wonderful 5' by 3' one.
  21. The Braille Massage on Red Rose Speedway – “We Love You”
    Directed at Stevie Wonder
  22. The poster inside Venus and Mars
    Mardi Gras!
  23. The booklet from Red Rose Speed Way
    Intersting... Go look yourself.
  24. Paul McCartney: In His Own Words
    Barry Miles' book
  25. Linda McCartney A Portrait
    Danny's Book, GREAT!
  26. Lin’s satin jacket from Band on The Run
    It was neato
  27. Lin’s assortment of cameras
    The 35mm, the large formats, all of em!
  28. Reason for being mugged in Lagos
    They were so NOT stealing the sound of Africa!
  29. Paul’s beginning message on Band on the Run Second CD
  30. Stevie Wonder on Ebony and Ivory
    Good duet
  31. Simplicity of Endless Days
  32. My Love
    The whole song
  33. The ban on The Light Comes From Within
    That sticker makes me laugh!
  34. Paul’s vocals on the Lovers That Never Were
    "All of the clocks have run down!"
  35. With a Little Luck
    The video
  36. Big Boys Bickering
    Good point to be made
  37. Tripping The Live
    The tour cds are so good!
  38. The film of the family after Paul is Live
    I love any film of the fam I can get!
  39. Medley on Tripping
    And how he introduces Linda
  40. Sugar time Reggae
    I dunno about if it's Real Reggae, but oh well.
  41. Veggie Pie
    A boot of Flaming Pie
  42. Cover on the video Paul is Live
    The flames are interesting...
  43. The CD picture from Flaming Pie
    Love it!
  44. Off the Ground complete works
    Soggy Noodle
  45. Wings Over the America
  46. The changing faces of Wings
    How many line-ups did they have??
  47. Sing along Junk
    It's totally instruments, so it puzzles me.
  48. Story of Bip Bop
    Mary was babbling.
  49. Music video for The White Coated Man
    Very hard hitting
  50. Stella’s Fur Farm Expose
    It's on the Peta Party thing
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