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Reasons to Love the Maccas

Reasons to Love the McCartney's

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  1. Paul being a billionaire
    First Rock Billionaire
  2. Heather’s Logo
    With the C'Moon
  3. “Dandaddy”
    From the press thing for Heather's wares.
  4. Mary’s typing
    She's faster than Paul, you see.
  5. Lin’s first Christmas with being veggie and the Mac and Cheese
    Sounds better than a bird.
  6. “Internutters” from the WP internet chat
  7. Lin being Paul’s “security blanket” ~Denny Laine
    And She was.
  8. Lin’s simplicity
    I try to be more like her.
  9. Lin’s giving nature
    See above
  10. Too Many People
  11. Ashtabula
    It's in Ohio
  12. Lily of the Valley
    All the way
  13. Stella’s dedication of award to Lin
    Her VH1 fashion designer of the year one.
  14. Thrillington
    Instrumental Ram
  15. The slaughterhouse quote from Lin
    In her Linda's Kitchen book
  16. The re-use of the Standing Stone photo in McCartney
    Look, you'll see.
  17. The young Paul photo in Run Devil Run
  18. Auntie Gin’s Theme
    a.k.a. I've Just Seen A Face
  19. LIPA
    Liverpool Institute for Preforming Arts
  20. “Come off it”
    Good quote.
  21. Guitars in Good Rocking Tonight
    Rockabilly style
  22. Their love for reggae
    But they still have yet to do a total reggae song
  23. Lin’s Pentax camera, but now she had a Nikon
    Cause a Nikon is a better camera
  24. Their home in California
  25. The “round house”
    Well, it was round...
  26. Lin saying no to Paul when he first proposed
    Probably one of the few people in the world that would have done that.
  27. Paul proposing in NYC
    It however wouldn't have been a legal wedding.
  28. Lin’s vocals in Jet
  29. The picture of young Paul after the Paul is Live concert video
    Too cute!
  30. The dancing Beatles in Paul is Live
    From the video clip archive, coloured Pepper's suits!
  31. The beetles on Ram
  32. Mary’s wedding
    Absolutley beautiful.
  33. The wedding pictures
    From both weddings
  34. Joe English
    A Wings member
  35. Robbie McIntosh
    See above
  36. Jimmy McCullogh (no relation)
    See above
  37. Denny Laine
    See above
  38. Chris Whitten
    A 89 dummer
  39. Hammish Stuart
    A 89 player and a New World Tourist
  40. Henry McCullogh (no relation)
    Wings member
  41. Blair Cummings
    New World Tourist drummer
  42. Wix Wickens
    89, 93, and 2002
  43. www.paulmccartney.com
    Paul's site
  44. Why Paul didn’t sing Beatles songs
    Cos then people would want to have them get back together.
  45. Controversy over the pre-show film
    Well, it is a little controversial, I guess, maybe.
  46. The flowers collage in Paul is Live
  47. Lin’s “let’s go” attitude
    Just drive 6 hours to see Paul's dad spur of the moment.
  48. The “surprise, we’re here” concerts/tour
    I think I would die if that happened to me.
  49. Double-deck flower power Europe tour bus
    Nifty doodles
  50. The 5p shows
    Where are these now???
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