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Reasons to Love the Maccas

Reasons to Love the McCartney's

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  1. “This is a veggie tour, like it or leave it”
    The '93 tour, I'd like it.
  2. Lin explaining why “People have mummy” to Heather
    Being able to do this would be so hard.
  3. Paul asking to marry 5-year-old Heather to make her laugh
    Read both of the novels.
  4. Lin’s expression in the picture of Paul, Lin and Yoko at John’s induction ceremony in A Portrait
    In Danny's Book
  5. Heather being bridesmaid, maid of honour and flower girl all rolled into one
    She was everything. Besides the Bride and Groom and best man.
  6. Lin and Paul on reggae being slagged
    Audio clip from Archer's site
  7. Lin and Paul on when the “Beatle Image” would wear off. (Lin says “When you’re Pope!”)
    See above
  8. Paul and Lin singing carols outside of the Dakota for John and Yoko
    Sometime in the mid 70s
  9. Lin’s band photos
    She took constant photos.
  10. Lin’s cooking segments on Oobu Joobu
    They weren't horribly long, but SO funny!
  11. Lin and Paul not showing up a photo exhibits
    They didn't want to have the Paul and Beatles comments take over Linda's stuff.
  12. The bogus story that Lin had assisted suicide
    People stated thinking this, but c'mon, why on earth?
  13. Lin wanting to see Mary’s wedding so badly
    Obvious for a mom to want to see her daughter wed
  14. Lin dying in “Santa Barbara” not Tucson, the place she loved.
    They told the press that it happened in CA, not AZ to throw them off the trail.
  15. Paul’s super sad statement
    The one he released after her death, about their life and then the Appaloosa paragraph.
  16. Paul’s time in Japanese jail
    The infamous 9-day Japan ordeal.
  17. Paul’s stupidity for that incident
    Umm, sorry, as much as I love Paul, this was really really stupid.
  18. Lin’s forced drug counseling classes
    In 1976, they were caught with drugs in the States and she had to go to some class. Danny said she should have taken a tape recorder.
  19. Lin’s nasal, lockjaw, monotonous way of speaking
    It's the earlier stuff, but it sounds pretty cool.
  20. The shampoo photo on Wide Prairie
    On the fold out of Wide Prairie, the shampoo picture.
  21. “Move Mary” photo
    Think second to last photo of the Linda's 60's book, and chant...
  22. The reality of Little Willow after Linda was diagnosed.
    They were listening it back and she was like, "Oh, God, now it's about me too."
  23. The Scarsdale High yearbook photo
    She looked so unlike Linda then.
  24. Lin’s “yen for men” from the Yearbook
    One of the captions under the photo, a yen for men, eh?
  25. Lin’s date with Mick Jaggar
    Now, wouldn't history be so screwed up if Linda had hit it off well? Very, for one this site wouldn't be here. But read the chapter in C'est La Vie for a fairly accurate story.
  26. The L-shaped apartment
    She had this apartment in NYC, and it had a tiny bedroom and a kitchenette and a bathroom, and that's basically it. It was "L" shaped.
  27. Mary’s “I’ll kick you, with my heel”
    Watch Wingspan, but she asked about "Live and Let Die" and Paul is like, "I dunno." and she says, "Yeah you do." and he says, "Yeah?" and she goes, "I'll kick you, with my heel."
  28. The state of Paul’s apartment when Linda arrived
    A little bit of milk and cheese, all browns, and nothing worked. Typical.
  29. Linda singing on Let It Be --- “Ah, you’re a girl, can you get that note?”
    It sounds so funny in Wingspan, almost as if he's surprised that Linda was indeed a girl.
  30. The “way that Lin held her camera” being the first thing Paul noticed.
    It sounds so sweet when he's talking about it in Wingspan.
  31. Paul referring to Lin as “Mum” while talking to Mary on Wingspan
    It made it a little hard to follow at first but then the constant use of mum made it more intimate.
  32. Lin’s mismatched socks, (Yes, she did know)
    Linda used to wear argyle socks that didn't match and the people would be like, "Ohh, she's wearing Argyle socks, and they don't match. Paul and Lin would be, "Do they think she doesn't know?"
  33. Lin’s influence on Stella
    Well on all the kids, but especially Stella, in her designs.
  34. “What inspired me to write My Love was your mummy”
    The voice he uses in this is so cute!
  35. Mary calculating on her fingers during Wingspan
    Right after they talk about the wedding, Mary does some unnecessary counting on her fingers in Wingspan.
  36. Paul drumming on albums
    He did good though.
  37. Lin playing guitar in one of the BOR polaroids.
    She could play it, just she chose not to.
  38. The EMI studio in Lagos not being built all the way
    One of the many setbacks in this recording session.
  39. Lin’s Idea for Band on the Run cover.
    Having all those people on it, I actually didn't notice it until I found out that "Hey, wow, those are famous people too!"
  40. P&L dressing up as clowns and everyone knowing who they were anyway.
    Paul talks about this in Wingspan, they'd go to Mardi Gras and they'd be noticed right away.
  41. The Wings Carrots
    Look in the screenshots
  42. Paul’s ditty about the Beatles breaking-up
    The Beatles split in 69 and since then they've been doing fine...
  43. “Ah, Dad, shut up” response to playing guitar while the kids were watching telly.
    They were so normal that they'd tell "dad" to stop playing guitar while they watched T.V. That's pretty normal.
  44. Mary’s reaction to Paul when Paul brought up the fact that Yoko had a bed in Abbey Road studios.
    It's worth watching twice, her face totally drops and she's like, "You're Kidding." and then Paul says "No," and she says, "Oh, You're not."
  45. Lin being an “American Fridge Momma”
    I can see her as the type to stock a fridge well.
  46. Heather playing Ringo’s drums on Let It Be
    She hits it a few times and Ringo gets a little tweaked.
  47. The ““Dirty Weekend” in Hollywood” clip from a Lin interview in Wingspan
    The voice she says it in is pretty funny.
  48. Paul saying “she was being honest” in response to above when Mary asked.
    Enough said
  49. Heather’s logo with the C’Moon
    She was very lucky you see.
  50. Bag O’ Nails club
    The place where it all started, see the photos from Lyra.
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