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Reasons to Love the Maccas

Reasons to Love the McCartney's

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  1. Georgie Flame and the Blue Fames
    The band that was playing when P&L met.
  2. Paul’s version of forgetting the Wild Life chords on the University tour
    Paul talks about this in Wingspan
  3. For No One v. Another Day
    They fit like chapters in a book.
  4. Being scared of the pyrotechnics in Live and Let Die on tour
    It's scary just in the audience, I can't imagine being on stage.
  5. The kids not being able to explain that Paul wrote Live and Let Die
    When GunsnRoses covered it.
  6. The Lin intro to Live and Let Die on tour
    This is a song about a British Agent, full of intrigue...
  7. “Where’s the money? I’ve been had!” quipped Paul after the wedding upon being asked about the false Eastman Kodak relation.
    And for the record, she wasn't Eastman Kodak
  8. Lin’s reggae bit on Live and Let Die
    She wrote the middle bit.
  9. The dog, Jet
    Jet was actually a dogs name.
  10. The factory sounds at the beginning of Silly Love Songs
    Why though?
  11. Lin’s backing vocals on Silly Love Songs
    "Ahh, he gave me love he gave it all to me."
  12. Lin’s laugh on C ’Moon
    0:09 seconds in, or there abouts.
  13. Polygon / body gun controversy
    For the final time, it was polygon, no matter if it made sense or not.
  14. The affected guitar string after polygon in Hi, Hi, Hi
    That's what the song has.
  15. Bells on Let ‘Em In
    Doorbell is a bit funky, but oh well.
  16. “Break out the ale because that’s a number one”
    After recording Mull of Kintyre
  17. The rain sounds in Uncle Albert
    Very cool sound clip.
  18. “Be a gypsy get around”
    Line from above
  19. John’s response to Coming Up
    Very well known, "I've got to get back to work" plus some four letter words.
  20. “God Save the Queen” in Paul’s funny voice
    From Wingspan
  21. The double kiss in “In The World Tonight” Mary’s Version
    It's not visable on the ITWT DVD, but on the VH1 version it is.
  22. Lin playing guitar
    In the Carribean and on the BOR pics.
  23. DJ edit of Juniors Farm
    They left out the part about Ollie Hardy
  24. Lin’s vocals on Love is Strange
    "La la la la la la, Love is Strange"
  25. The 1:37 minute intro to Love is Strange
    In my opinion, that is way too long!
  26. Ch. De Gaulle
    Famous French Dude
  27. London Town Silver rain
    It's dirty gray rain, I'll give them that.
  28. Lin counting a1, a2, a3, a4 on Helen Wheels
  29. Acoustic ness of I’m Carrying
    It's such a great little song.
  30. The shirt that Linda is wearing in the With A Little Luck video
    Look at the screenshots, I love it!
  31. Heather on London Town sessions with her punk rock
    She was into the whole punk thing, probably because P&L weren't.
  32. The Peacock noises and song
    Listen in the live version of Rough Ride
  33. The picture on the Wingspan photo album where Paul is holding Linda in his lap
    See screenshots
  34. The picture of Mary and the little Dalmatian dog in Linda’s Pictures
    It's pretty cute.
  35. The ginger ale section to the outtakes on Wingspan
    Free plug for Ginger Ale and then Mary offers Paul a sip and she is gonna take out the straw cause of the lipstick marks, but Paul obviously doesn't care so he sips it anyway.
  36. “Oh, look, there’s a mistlethrush” from the outtakes on Wingspan
    From the outtakes, it's spliced with the rest of the movie. When she says "How old were you then?" It's not the same part as the "Now listen up kid..."
  37. The way that some of the things on Wingspan got rearranged to fit better for the DVD and VHS, cause folks, it’s not the same as the original TV special.
    The wedding and stuff is moved around. I swear.
  38. Seeing Paul in person, there is nothing in the world (tonight or any other night) quite like it at all.
    Nothing at all, it's a hands on thing, go if you can!
  39. The Lifelines section to the 1989 world tour book
    So indepth and then unindepth.
  40. The comics in the 1993 Tour Book
    Very "made-you-think" comics about the earth.
  41. The ending of So Glad To See You Here.
    The trio of them singing it in a round.
  42. All of Check My Machine
    Come on and check my machine.
  43. Paul is truly a gentleman
    He is.
  44. Paul has such class
    He does.
  45. Paul can do a myriad of musical styles
    He can.
  46. Paul appears to be a good dancer (in some cases, PSLoveMeDo vid watchers)
    It depends.
  47. Paul has a good sense of humor
    He does.
  48. Paul was a good parent to his kids
    He is.
  49. Paul presents himself well
    He does.
  50. Paul has always given excellent interviews
    He has.
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