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Reasons to Love the Maccas

Reasons to Love the McCartney's

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  1. The Scottish waltzy sound of Mull of Kintyre
    It's just a nifty sound.
  2. Intro to Let Me Roll It during concert
    Nothing like it in the world.
  3. Garden version of Bip Bop
    So cute, it's on Wingspan, have a listen.
  4. East Hampton
    The Mc's have a house there.
  5. Hidden phrase in Helen Wheels
    Think about it, its not too hard.
  6. The Land Rover being named Helen Wheels after Stella was born because it was too crowded.
    They had a Land Rover, and it was already cramped, and then Stella came along and it was REALLY cramped.
  7. Paul playing the Lovely Linda on Wingspan
    Its really sweet that he does this.
  8. The similarity between Daytime Nighttime Suffering and Woman is the Nigger of the World
    They really are alike
  9. The truthfulness behind Daytime Nighttime Suffering
    A lot of women out there probably feel like that, and this is sad.
  10. Lin singing at Scarsdale High School story
    She used to sing at events.
  11. Paul pointing and frowning at the sign that says “No Beetles” in the booklet for All The Best
    Well, think about it, and do they allow "Beatles"?
  12. The Bluebird film for concert
    It feels like they're in the same room as you.
  13. Homey sound of Heart in The Country
    Very countryish almost, or simple maybe is the word.
  14. The scat singing on Heart of The Country
    It's really kinda cute.
  15. The little red heart on McCartney
    It's in the bottom corner.
  16. The drumming on Every Night
    Listen under headphones, it's beautiful.
  17. The wispy sound of Paul on Take it Away
    You're gonna have to listen to this to.
  18. The increasing volume of Take it Away
    That struck me as cool, listen.
  19. Sleeping bags for two
    A line from "Junk"
  20. Intro to Man We Was Lonely
    Before he starts singing. Listen.
  21. The fade out of 1985 to the Band on the Run reprise
    There is nothing better on Band On The Run than to hear this on the radio.
  22. Lin’s Mull of Kintyre hat
    It's in the All the Best booklet.
  23. License plate 900 MPL
    As shown in ITWT, follow that limo!
  24. "Venus and Mars are alright tonight” – blurts Lin from the Mardi Gras Interview in Wingspan
    We'll you'd have to watch it, but the interviewer didn't have to stick around long.
  25. The change from Venus and Mars to Rock show
    The little talking part, "remember last week..."
  26. Long Hair at the Madison Square
    Line in Rockshow, yell it!
  27. Rock n roll at the Hollywood Bowl
    See above
  28. We can make it to Mexico city
    Not in the backseat you can't.
  29. The Rockestra Theme video on Wingspan
    That's pretty cool how they all were there, and stuff.
  30. Girlfriend lead vocals in falsetto
    Yes, that's Paul
  31. Girlfriend v. My Boy Friends Back
    It's like the same song, from the other side.
  32. Tomorrow v. Starting Over
    John v. Paul again, just Paul was before John.
  33. Tomorrow v. Yesterday
    Totally opposite, but it's a cool combo.
  34. “Piece of cake”
    Too Many People line
  35. The Fair Carol
    A London Town boat
  36. Wanderlust
    Another London Town boat
  37. El Toro
    Yet another London Town boat
  38. Tug of War intro
    The grunts and such on the CD
  39. Paul’s fingers while strumming Bip Bop/ Garden Version
    I love watching how his fingers jump around.
  40. Mary, Heather and Lin singing along in Bip Bop/ Garden Version
    They sound so darned cute!
  41. Mary and Heather dancing in Bip Bop/ Garden Version
    They look so darned cute!
  42. “This is a little song called Hey Diddle (pause) I want you back
    The bridge between Bip Bop and Hey Diddle
  43. Lin’s vocals on Hey Diddle
    So cool and even better on the full version of the song from Nashville.
  44. “Never fear the next time around”
    Line from Hey Diddle
  45. Lin talking and clapping in Bip Bop Garden
    You can hear her say something about maybe Mary in the middle of the song.
  46. No More Lonely Nights – Play out Version
    It's just a jazzed up version.
  47. The kiss in Listen to What the Man Said
    I wonder often if it's P&L or just a sound clip. I'll stick to my theory of P&L though.
  48. “This is a good song to get up dance, shake your bum to” intro to Listen to What the Man Said
  49. Paul’s version of meeting Lin from Wingspan
    It must have been magic.
  50. Thinking about how cool it would be to play a song with PaulThink about it for a second.
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