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Reasons to Love the Maccas

Reasons to Love the McCartney's

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  1. Paulís ID bracelet
    From Lagos
  2. Lin fighting back with The Light Comes From Within
    Touche! Critics! (And yes, she DID sing it)
  3. The frying noise in The Cook of The House
    But it's just a little too long, IMO
  4. The photo label of Wings Wild Life
    Linda by Paul and Paul by Linda
  5. The Run Devil Run CD
    It looks like a tiny LP :-)
  6. The vocals on I am Your Singer
    They're so wonderful
  7. Linís ďthe bride was smilingĒ bit
    She told this to an interviewer, well, of course she was, she was happy.
  8. Paul being just like any other father in public
    I think he'd still be embarrassing, if not more so that usual dads.
  9. The crowdís addition to Hey Jude
    That is SO much fun, and of course no one sings unless he tells em to, cause, HE's PAUL!!
  10. Lin and Paulís signature fist in the air
    Thank's for the suggestion to Lin, Chrissie!
  11. Mull of Kintyre
    The entire song is pretty coolness
  12. The juggling man on the MPL label
    That is nifty spify!
  13. Heather as a dog on McCartney
    Look on the inner part of the LP
  14. Stellaís designs
    Visit her site, stellamccartney.com
  15. Maryís photos of Lin
    The last ones, they're so sweet
  16. Paulís last words to Lin
    "You're up on a beautiful appaloosa..."
  17. Linís horse Blankit
    He's a the dad to Lucky Spot
  18. The cartoons inside of Ram
    Paul's a great artist
  19. The icons for the songs in All the Best
    Total niftiness
  20. The Waterspout Demo
    More reggae than a lot of Paul's stuff, not there just yet though.
  21. Paulís Cavern Club return
  22. Linís shyness
    For the press...
  23. The reason that Paul choose the picture of Lin for WP
    It smelt good??
  24. Linís twangy vocals on WP
    Super cool
  25. The alliteration of Do drop in to the Dew Drop Inn
    But you don't go down to the Dungeon! (Part of New Orleans)
  26. Linís cooking shows
    Well, she SHOULD have had one, and she did, kinda on Oobu Joobu
  27. The play on words in Helen Wheels
    Figure it out...
  28. Banned songs
    Give Ireland Back To The Irish; Hi, Hi, Hi;
  29. Their farm in Arizona
    It looks pretty cool, now if I could get pics...
  30. Club Sandwich
    You're here
  31. Cast of Characters in Band on The Run
    Lotsa people there, and the guy that plays the old guy on Snow Dogs (Disney)
  32. Linís cover of Poison Ivy
    Love it
  33. The goofy B-Side to Seaside
    Silly song, too fun
  34. Oobu Joobu
    All of it
  35. Dramatizations of drug busts
    It kinda sounds funny in Wingspan "And then three of them came up like illegal"?
  36. Heatherís ďyou meanieĒ response to Paul after the wedding.
    Paul had said something like raising a kid(s) would be a terrible burdon. But he was kidding.
  37. Paulís fit as a fiddle comment
    And no, he's not dead already!
  38. The day to day account in Jet
    It makes me think of when they got married
  39. Linís backing vocals
    They blended so good
  40. Heatherís accent
    Like Linda's but not really
  41. Jane Pís Paultionary
    Check it out!
  42. Arthur, Maryís son
    Arthur Alistair Donald, born April 3 1999
  43. Cí Moon Logo
    It's in Heather's design logo too, she was very lucky.
  44. Paulís awful French
    He can't speak French, but he doesn't stop from trying.
  45. Heather Louise, Stella Nina, Mary Anna, James Louis
    I just like the middle names
  46. Paulís first guitar
    And the matchstick holding the strings in
  47. The interior of MPL
  48. Paulís towel bit during Heatherís press conference
    ROTFLMAO! He picks up this blanket and wraps it around his waist, and the says "Just out of the shower" and then "Oooops!" as he deliberatly drops it and pretends its an accident.
  49. Paulís farm jacket that Stella steals
    Said Paul, that he has this old tattered jacket and she "borrows" it to wear.
  50. The painting of Lin by Paul that is all yellow
    It's called Yellow Linda with Piano
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