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Magical Macca Moments

Macca Moment (noun) - "A moment in McCartney history, be it in a song, or video that no matter what you feel like before, seeing or hearing it always makes you feel like you're walking on clouds."
Also - "A section from the original Club Sandwich fan club magazine."

Nichole W. From Denver's Magical Moments
10. The sound at the end of Heaven on a Sunday that Linda makes in the In The World Tonight Video
9. When Paul and Linda point at each other in Heaven on A Sunday, while singing "If I only had one love YOURS would be the one I'd choose.
8. When in Wingspan, Paul and Linda say "Right Honey" during the interview.
7. When Paul and Linda are dancing in In The World Tonight during the Beautiful Night section.
6. When Paul says "Linda" at the end of Back In The U.S.S.R. on Tripping the Live Fantastic.
5. In Wingspan, when Paul is talking about the way that Linda held her camera and you can see both of them.
4. When Paul cooks mashed potatoes in the Wide Prairie web chat.
3. The Hey Diddle section of Wingspan
2. The old time feel of the song Baby's Request.
1. The mixing room section of the video of Calico Skies on In The World Tonight

Laura R. from WI's Magical Moments
10. The way that Paul's not afraid to be wild and crazy.
9. Paul's "wonderful black jeans".
8. Every infinitesimal bit of Calico Skies
7. It's Not True
6. Country Dreamer
5. The look Paul and Linda share in Get Back during Carry That Weight [Check out the screenshots of ITWT, it's there.]
4. The "one, two, three, fawr" intro to I Saw Her Standing There
3. The acoustic version of Every Night
2. Be-Bop-A-Lula from Unplugged
1. The kiss in the mixing room during the Calico Skies segment of ITWT.

Savanna W. from Denver's Macca Moments
10. The picture of Paul on the Driving Rain tour shirts.
9. The peace signs Linda does in Coming Up when done live.
8. The laugh on C'Moon
7. The Ginger Ale outtake from Wingspan
6. When Mary says, "I'll kick you, with my heel!" when Paul claims he doesn't know how Live and Let Die came about.
5. Paul and Mary doing the Wings hand sign and Mary messing up.
4. The Spanish Omelette story
3. Linda's "peacock" noises.
2. When in the Paul is Live preshow, Heather and Martha both shake off.
1. In Let It Be, when Heather plays Ringo's drums.

Fred Lark From Blacksburg, VA's Magical Moments
From the CS Issue #82
10. The cresendo in 1985 leading to the re-introduction of Band On The Run
9. The pump intro to Beware My Love.
8. The spine tingling guitar/piano intro to Winter Rose
7. All of Day Time Night Time Suffering
6. The sun drenched aura of both Summer Day's Song and Feel The Sun
5. The haunting acoustic solo in Somebody Who Cares
4. The gritty guitar opening to No Values
3. The piano section that opens to the surprise reprise of Rock Show
2. The sweet, romantic nature of Widedark Open Sea
1. The achingly heartfelt sentiment of All My Trials

Colin Hurst From Cheshire England's Magical Moments
From the CS Issue #80
10. The line "who knows how to find love" in Twice In A Lifetime
9. The Wings Over America linking of Rock Show and Jet
8. The fleeting echo used in the Unplugged That Would Be Something
7. The falsetto singing in So Bad
6. The bass playing in Mrs. Vanderbilt
5. The bass playing in My Brave Face
4. The Dear Friend vocal - one of Paul's very best
3. The melancholic wistfulness of One Of These Days
2. The acoustic guitar solo on Distractions
1. The scat singing in the last two minutes of Monkberry Moon Delight
Dawn Mackey From Detroit's Magical Moments
10. The way Linda and Paul sing Great Day together on the World Tonight video.
9. The way he tells the other guy on the Anthology video,"Watch it Pal, watch it" when he sees someone chatting Linda up.
8. The way she gives it away in New Orleans about the title of the new album Venus and Mars and he says that it's just a little hint folks.
7. The way he says to Mary "Your Mummy," when Mary asks him who he write the song My Love for....As if she doesn't know this, and the rest of the world doesn't either...
6. When he talked about the Beatle sandwich on Jay Leno back in May (2002)
5. When he tried to keep a straight face on the Wingspan video when they were asking him about the pot plants that they busted them with..
4. The way they were riding around their home on horses In The World Tonight Video and were showing everyone the baby tree...
3. When they showed him and Linda in the Paul is Live video holding the sign for Greenpeace..Awesome!
2. When he told Mary "Hey, this is your Father's history---listen up kid!"
1. When he talked about Linda's fridge and called it an American Fridge and called her Fridge Mama and made that cute noise....
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