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Write Away, Your Questions, answered!

Write Aways from the CS Issues
Questions Answers
Would you please tell me who else plays on The Fireman album? There isn't much info on the insert.
Debbi Gurski, Plymouth, Connecticut, USA
CS Issue #84
In fact, Debbi, there's none! For those who don't know, the album strawberries oceans ships forest, creditied simply to The Fireman, was a collection of nine ambient dance music tracks put together by Paul and a London-based producer known as Youth, issued in December 1993. The traceks sampled a number of Paul's recordings from the then current album Off the Ground, so although Paul and Youth were principally responsible for the sounds, the work of many other musicians is sloshing around in there too. If you're still confused, our best advice is to check out CS's piece about the album, published in #69 (Spring 1994)
I've seen Paul in a video clip of Bob Marley's "One Love". Was he involved in the recording of the song or just the video?
John Kolcze, Ormiston, Australia
CS Issue #59
Just the video. It was produced in early 1984 to accompany this posthumous single, Marley having died in May 1981, and Paul could be seen lip-synching to the words "one love" and embracing Don Letts, the director. The promo was also included in the Marley video compilation Legend, which is still avaliable.
'Fess up now, it was Paul playing violin on "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reggae" wasn't it?
Don Sauter, Lanham, USA
CS Issue #59
The account of the sessions made public when the record was issued (in November 1979, as the B-Side of "Wonderful Christmastime") may have well looked like a work of fiction, but it was the truth. "Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reggae" was recorded by Paul one 1975 afternoon at Abbey Road after chatting to a man delivering musical equipment. Paul quickly put together the backing track and the delivery man - whose name was Bob Loveday - played the fiddle... and has not been seen since!
I recently read that Mr. McCartney owns the copyright to my state's song, "Oh Wisconsin"! Is this true, and if so how did he purchase it? Also, could you please list the Paul McCartney B-Sides which have not been released on CD? I am trying to complete my collection and am looking for the original singles.
Brian Hoffer, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, USA
CS Issue #70
Yes MPL owns the copyright to "Oh Wisconsin- it was among the titles in the E.H. Morris song catalogue acquired some years ago.
As for non-CD B-sides, there are quite a few. But excluding the many re-mixes of otherwise issued tracks and also the contributions to various artis albums, these are the recordings which aren't yet avaliable in the digital format anywhere in the world: "B-Side to Sea Side" Now on Linda's album, WP., "Ebony and Ivory" (Paul solo vocal), "Give Ireland Back To The Irish" (version), "Good Sign", "Hanglide", "I'll Give You A Ring", "Ode to A Koala Bear", "Rain Clouds", "Seaside Woman" Now on Linda's album, WP., and "We All Stand Together (Humming Version)".
I first learnt of the Fun Club from the message on the back of Red Rose Speedway in 1973. But my copy also carries what appears to be another message, in Braille. Am I right, and what does it say?
Annie Beach, Letchworth, England
CS Issue #58
It is indeed Braille and is a "We Love You" message from Paul and Linda to Stevie Wonder. Subsequent re-pressings of the album and the CD don't have it.
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