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Write Away, Your Questions, answered!

Write Aways from the CS Issues
Questions Answers
I recently saw a superb episode of The Simpsons featuring Paul and Linda. Maybe I'm Amazed is heard during the closing credits but that's not all I heard - there's also Paul's voice, saying something backwards. For those of us who cannot play video tapes in reverse, would you please tell us what Paul was saying?
Frank James Mlakar, Minneapolis, USA
CS Issue #81
Played forwards, Paul's message was "One medium onion, chopped; two teaspoons of vegetable oil; one clove of garlic, crushed; one cup carrots, chopped; two sticks of celery, chopped; half a cup of lentils; one bay leaf; one teaspoon of freshly chopped parsley; salt and freshly ground pepper to taste; two and a quarter cups of vegetable stock or water." Which, for those of you yet to memorise Linda McCartney's Home Cooking, is the Lentil Soup recipe from page 56. Just for added measure, Paul then concluded with one final message, "Oh, and by the way, I'm alive!"
For years I've wanted to know where the inside photograph for Tug Of War was taken. It's the one where Paul is sitting on a couch, leaning over a coffe table and writing something. Can you supply any information?
Raymond Meaney, New York, USA
CS Issue #62
We've heard people suggest the photo was taken in Montserrat, where Tug Of War was recorded, but in fact, this excellent picture of Paul was taken by Linda during a holiday in Jamaica.
I once read (quite awhile ago) that Paul ran two miles every day. Is this true?
Maryann Sequine, Warren, Michigan, USA
CS Issue #65
He did, Maryann. But as he says in the New World Tour souvenir magazine, he had to give it up because of cartilage trouble. It's nothing too serious, but not the sort of problem that takes to kindly to being aggravated.
Also, in the World Tour Programme, Linda said that Neil Young is one of her favourite songwriters. Could she and Paul pick out their favourite Neil Young album and song?
Stephen Kershaw, Solihull, England
CS Issue #62
Paul and Linda both enjoy Neil Young's work and find it difficult to isolate clear favourites. Pressed, however, Paul chooses Harvest as his album and 'Only Love Can Break Your Heart' (From After The Gold Rush) as his favourite track. Linda selects any of the Buffalo Springfield albums, or solo works Harvest and Live Rust, and the tracks 'Expecting To Fly' (on Buffalo Springfield Again and 'Like A Hurricane' (on American Stars 'n' Bars) as her prime cuts. Guess you could say they're keen fans.
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