Mac and Cheese

This is NOT your average mac and cheese. I repeat, this is NOT your Kraft Instant Mac, or the Blue Box Blues kind. This is the real stuff. Real cheese, real noodles, real yummy. I highly recommend this one. It's not the most healthy thing out there, but treat yourself to some REAL mac and cheese.

Rating - ******/*****

Calories - 471
Calories from fat - 190 Total Fat - 22g/33%
Saturated Fat - 13g/65%
Cholesterol - 70mg/23%
Sodium - 990mg/41%
Potassium - 220mg/6%
Total Carbohydrates - 50g/17%
Dietary Fiber - 2g/8%
Sugars - 7g Protein - 18g
Vitamin A - 15%
Vitamin C - 35^^%
Iron - 10%
Percent daily vales based on 2000 calorie diet.