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Why Go Veggie?

20 Things Even Paul Can Do To Save the Planet

My husband is a caring person but he's busy with it. Although Paul speaks out on behalf of Friends of the Earth, he hasnt' really got the spare time to be the campaigning activist that I suspect he'd like to be.
As a father of four, he wants to clean up the planet but he's just so busy. If he's not globe-trotting around on tour, he's recording a new album, taping a TV show, doing an interview, running our farm or writing a song.
But everyone can find some spare time to help the save the planet. Every little helps and so we've devised this list of simple ways to help make this world a better place.
Even Paul can do 'em.
Linda XX

1. Just Say No To Plastic Bags. As we all [should] know, most plastic bags don't organically degrade easily. They hang around littering up the place and it'll take centuries to get rid of them. So don't accept them when you're shopping. There's far too much unnecessary wrapping on most goods these days. If you must have a bag for your shopping, take your own or ask for paper bags. 6. Don't Keep On Running - in Sweden, air pollution has been cut by a rule instructing drivers in traffic jams to switch off their car engines when the vehicle isn't moving. It saves fuel too. In fact, think before you drive - do you really need the car for that short trip, wouldn't it be healthier [for you and the planet] to walk? 11. Convert Your Car - although most new cars run on unleaded fuel, there are still many around that are driven on the old leaded four-star. But garages can easily make the switch and adapt your engine for more world-friendly fuel. 16. Hair There and Everywhere - too many shampoos and conditioners are produced without a thought for the way foam and suds pollute our water once they've drained away. Buy organic hair products - like those made by Daniel Field and Paul Mitchell.
2. Buy Glass Not Plastic - if plastic bags take an age to disintergrate, plastic bottles are a nightmare! They'll be hanging about longer than fire. Glass bottles, on the other hand, can be recycled. So when you're buying Coke or lemonade or beer or water, Go For Glass. 7. Pick It Up - Tin cans, food wrappers and 'disposable' containers are too often just thrown away as litter. Even if you don't litter the land, carry a bag when out walking and fill at least one load a day with other's waste. 12. Join Friends Of The Earth These people are experts in saving the planet. They car and they're getting the clean-up job done. 17. Don't Buy Gas From Polluters. We often know who's to blame for oil spills, so why do them any favours. Boycott goods made by companies that pollute the planet.
3. Chuck Out Your Aerosols.Aerosols are largely responsible for the hole in the Ozone layer and the more we use them, the bigger the hole will get. So dump them. Ditch all those hairsprays, shaving foams, oven cleaners and use ozone-friendly substitutes - for instance try using dried flowers to scent your rooms instead of some fake smell out of a spray. 8. Save Your Press - newspapers and magazines can be recycled. Don't just throw them away, store them up and you can even make money selling them to recycling plants. 13. Don't Be So Soft - toilet and kitchen paper may look very pretty in all the assorted colours you can buy, but do you really need to throw dyed tissue down your drains? Buy recyled paper instead and help the seas survive. 18. Collect Your Cans - most recycling plants will be glad to take empty aluminium cans off your hands.
4. Wash That Stuff Right Out Of Your House - most soap poweders and household cleaners are not ecologically friendly. They add all sorts of grunge to our water supplies and pollute our oceans. Use only biodegradable products like those made by Ark and Ecover. 9. Bank On Your Bottles - insist that your town has a bottle bank where all your glass can be disposed of for recycling. 14. Think About Ink - most everybody uses disposable pens these days but they're made out of the old enemy plastic again. Get a fountain pen instead and a glass jar of ink. It'll save on waste and your writing will look that much more impressive. 19. Switch On to Off - Save money, power, fuel and the planet by not wasting electricity. Does that light really need to be on? Turn off the lights when leaving a room.
5. Watch Those Lips - Despite the success in recent years of whaling bans some lipsticks and cosmetics still contain whale or fish oil. It's not very attractive to smear a dead beast across your face is it? Check your cosmetics to see what's in them. If they contain animal products, don't buy them. Ask for Beauty Without Cruelty products instead. 10. Write All About It - Don't pollute, protest! Write to your concillor or congressman on environemntal issues; demand that aerosols be banned, that every town should have a bottle bank, that recyling be promoted in public services. 15. Teach Your Children - Unfourtunately, this planet is not going to be saved in our lifetime. If we're lucky our grandchildren will inherit a clean Earth. So pass on all these tips to your kids, encouraging them not to waste paper and plastic. Teach them to respect the planet. 20. And Finally - Go Veggie! If we didn't eat meat, farmers wouldn't have to clear the rainforests for grazing land, for cattle. you can save the rainforests by changing your diet.

From Club Sandwich Spring 1991 Issue #57, "Why Go Veggie?"
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