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Why Go Veggie?

Go Veggie - It's Official

When Linda first published her cook book, Home Cooking, two years ago she often commented on how she cooked "like a peasant" in the kitchen.

Little did she know that the peasant cookery would now be regarded as the healthiest diet going.

No lesser body than the mighty World Health Organization has just issued a warning to the nations - to wit: if you want to keep killer diease at bay, Go Peasant and Go Veggie!

It's the lastest report - Diet, Nutrition and the Prevention of Chronic Disease - the WHO laments the food trends of developing nations; which, as they become Westernised, adopt our Western junk food diet.

Instead of living solely on the grains and rice and pastas traditionally establisthed as Third World diets, developing countries develop a taste for fatty fast foods and sugars.

That, says the WHO, is potentially ruinious as getting the taste for Western foods invariably attracts the diseases [heart problems and cancer] that are now recognised as the side effects of a high meat, high fat diet.

"The World Health Organisation doesn't just say, "Hold the fat," it says "Hold the meat" tool as we eat far more protein than we need and what the body does not metabolise it turns into excess fat." reported the Independant newspaper.

The WHO is worried that by the year 2000 many of the poorer countries will be eating like the richer nations and consequently becoming a lot less healthy for it.

Ironically, the report also notes that in the West the growing awareness of the damaged of a high fat/high protein diet is driving more of us to a veggie-based/fresh food diet.

Instead of reaching for a hamburger and a shake', says the Who, we should be going back to basics and "eat like peasants" [pasta, rices, potatoes, beans and pulses].

"Above all", the report continues, "We should eat more vegetables and fruit".

Why? Less meat means less cholesterol which means less risk of keeling over with a dodgy heart.

But also, the WHO now points up that vitamins A, C and E - all found in fruit and veg - play a vital role in preventing not only heart disease but cancers too.

Go Veggie

It's official now.

From Club Sandwich Spring 1991 Issue #57, "Why Go Veggie?"
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