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Why Go Veggie?

A Simple Test

Many people will try to tell you that it is "man's nature" to eat meat.
This is nonsense.
It may be in man's tradition to eat meat, as it used to be in our tradition to lag our homes and offices with absestos until we got wiser, but it is not in out physical make-up.
Human teeth are designed for crushing and chewing, like a cow's, not for cutting and tearing like a shark's.
Still unconvinced? Then try this test: You Will Need
1 child [Small]
1 apple
1 rabbit [Cute]
1 cot

Put the small child in the cot with the apple and the rabbit. If the child eats the rabbit and plays with the apple, I'll buy you a car.
Geoff Baker

From Club Sandwich Spring 1991 Issue #57, "Why Go Veggie?"
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