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Linda, We Love You

White choral bells, upon a slender stalk
Lilies of the valley grace my garden walk
Oh don't you wish that you could hear them ring?
That will only happen when the fairies sing.


Linda's favourite flower was the lily-of-the-valley. She often searched the woods near her house in Scarsdale, NY as a teenager for the small white blooms. Paul even mentions that "her spirit fills rooms with the fragrance of lily" and L.I.L.Y. can mean "Linda I love you."
In tribute to her love of this flower, here are some growing instructions, places to find bulbs, and some general information.


Other Names-Maylily, Ladder-to-Heaven, Jacob's Ladder, Our Lady's Tears, Lily Constancy

Where To Find-Native to West Europe, North America and North Asia. However, note it is rare in Scotland and Ireland. It is most often found in the dryer parts of woods, especially near ash trees.

To Grow- Plant in well-drained, sandy loam. They should be planted in the end of September (since you're reading this page most likely to pay tribute to Linda, a nice touch would be to plant YOUR Linda Lily on her birthday which happens to fall on the 24th of September, perfect timing.) They are a bulb plant and should be transplanted every four or so years. They tend to flower in late-March or early April depending upon the growing situations.

Uses-The flowers have a wonderful smell, which is flowery, but not overpowering. However, do not expect to dry them and have them keep this scent as a rose would. Lily-Of-The-Valley flowers take on a yellow-brown colour when dried and gain a bitter smell. If the flowers are placed in sweet almond oil, they leave their wonderful smell. To create an even stronger perfume, one must replace the flowers in the oil about a dozen times. Please do not let your animals near your lilies, they can be deadly to cats.

Paradise Garden
Lily-Of-The-Valley Scented Items from Crabtree and Evelyn
(If anyone has any information on any connections between Linda and this company, please let me know. I know that they do NOT test on animals.)
Lily-of-the-Valley Candle
Lily-Of-The-Valley Shower Gel
Lily-Of-The-Valley Posters
Martha Stewart Lily Of The Valley Pillow
Lily of the Valley Scented Items from Caswell-Massey
Preplanted Lily-Of-The Valley from Hearth Song

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