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Christine McVie and Linda McCartney

Christine McVie (best known as a member of Fleetwood Mac) and Linda McCartney have many similarities, here's the list and an explanation.

Chris singing in 'The Dance'(97)

Chris singing 'Rhiannon' in 1976

Chris singing in 'The Dance'(97)

Christine McVie

Chris with husband Eddy

First off, they kind of look alike, not to the point where they could be confused by anyone but a novice fan, but enough to point it out. By looking at the photos on either side, you can see that. Obviously, they're both blondes and they have a similar facial structure.

They both have affectionate nicknames given by people close to them and then adopted by fans. Christine is often shortened to "Chris" while Linda is shortened to "Lin". Both names are taken from two syllables that have been reduced to one.

The also both married bass players from 60's bands. Chris married John McVie (of Fleetwood Mac) in August 1968 and Linda married Paul McCartney (of the Beatles) in March 1969.

On the same topic of marriages, both men they married have a "Mc" in their name.

Each had unappealing last names before their final marriage. Linda's maiden name was Eastman (which because of the Eastman-Kodak connection became undesirable) and then it was See when she married John Melvin. See was often taken as a joke, "oh, she wants to be a photographer so she calls herself See, like Happy Families". Christine's maiden name was Perfect, which of course, she'd have people say, "Well, I hope you really are perfect." So when she and John divorced, she chose to keep her married name.

Both married brown-eyed men for their second marriage.

Both of their first husbands first name was John. They also have older brothers named John.

While Linda moved from New York to be with Paul, Chris moved from England to be with John and the rest of the band when they relocated to Malibu in 1974, therefore they were both displaced because of who they chose to marry. Both moves originated as a trial.

Neither of them were particularly fond of travelling on tours, (Chris' song "Homeward Bound", off of the album Bare Trees, practically screams, "I want to go back to BENIFOLDS", which was their home in the U.K. at the time.) Both were keyboardists and vocalists in their husband's band, both on albums and on tours.

Both married younger men in their second marriages.

They both are highly acclaimed cooks.

They both have non-musical art talents. Chris does sculpture and painting while Linda did photography.

They both have connections to the Bag O'Nails: Linda and Paul met there, John proposed to Chris there. Both women were the strength that allowed the respective band and marriage to hold together, especially in the early years of each.

Both Chris and Linda have had sucessful and happy second marriages. [Well, had... Chris and Eddie are currently divorced.

Both have the most beautiful smiles.

I love listening to both of their solo and non-solo music.
Linda on tour (72)

Linda singing on tour

Linda and Paul

Linda in the 80's

Linda in a Pink Dress, 1980's

Thanks to Laura for helping me with this list, and for pointing it out in the first place.

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