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Linda's Lifelines

For the 1989 Tour booklet, the band members filled out surveys. This is Linda's.

Name - Linda McCartney
Instrument - Keyboards
Birthdate - September 24, 1941
Hometown - New York
First Kiss - My dog Tinkerbell, I think.
Claim to Fame At School - My horseback riding
First Musical Instrument - Piano
First Pulic Performance - A piano recital when I was 10
Session Work - Eddie and the Hot Rods, James Taylor, Ringo Starr, Beatles (Let It Be).
Favourite Singer - Otis Redding
Favourite Songwriter - Neil Young, Bob Marley, Paul McCartney
Favourite Keyboard Player - Professor Longhair
Favourite McCartney Song - Daytime Nightime Suffering, We Can Work It Out, Hey Jude, Maybe I'm Amazed, My Love
Musical Equipment - Keyboards: Yamaha D50, Yamaha A50, Wirlitzer, Mini Moog
The Best Thing About Being On Tour - The gig is the only good thing about touring
The Worst Thing About Being On Tour - Being away from home.
Favourite Food - Pasta and Salad
Favourite Drink - Fresh Orange Juice and still water
What Would You Go On A Demonstration For? - Against slaughtering and experimenting on animals, fish and chickens. For peace, agains child abuse.
What Newspaper Do You Buy? - None
The Last Book You Read - Double Feature by Terence Stamp
Favourite Line From A Film - The bit in King Of Comedy where the woman asks Jerry Lewis to talk to her nephew. He says he's busy and she says, "You should get cancer!"
Favourite Saying - "What can I say? - My hands are tied."
Secret Ambition - To live to see peace for animals and humans animal and the environment.

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