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Paul's Lifelines

For the 1989 Tour booklet, the band members filled out surveys. This is Paul's.

Name - Paul McCartney
Instruments - Bass, guitar, piano, vocals.
Birthdate - June 18th, 1942
Hometown - Liverpool
First Kiss - Grace Pendleton, when I was 11, at Belle Vale School. I went past her house in Speke where I used to live and I saw her navy blue knickers on the washing line. When I got to school I said, "I saw your knickers on the on the line." and she said, "Well, they're clean and they're paid for." An immaculate response.
Claim to fame at school - I could draw naked ladies. I could do them on folded paper so that when it was closed up the lady had her clothes on and then when you opened it up... wey-hey! The only trouble was before she did the washing my mum used to go through my pockets for school dinner tickets and, of course, one day she found one of my naked ladies. I came home and my dad said, "I want a word with you. Did you do this?" It was like death. Anguish. Tears.
First Instrument Owned - A trumpet my dad bought me when I was about 13. The stars of those prehistoric times were trumpet players - Eddie Calvery, the Man With The Golden Trumpet, to name a few. I can still play The Saints in C. On the new album there's some flugel horn on How Many People and that's me. I built up chords and Vari-speed it for notes I can't get. It's a wangle but it sounds ok.
First Public Performance - At a place in Liverpool called Broadway. It's not quite as glamorous as it sounds. It's a bus depot, I think. My first appearance with a group - with John and George, what became the Beatles - was there at the Conservative Club which was a little place above a shop. Fairly disastrous. I was playing lead guitar that night but I got sticky finers. It was only Guitar Boogie. I could play it great in rehearsal. But then the nerves came and George stepped into lead. Before that I had played with my brother Mike in a talent contest at Butlin's Pwllheli. My uncle worked there. We got up and did Bye Bye Love.
Previous Bands - The Quarrymen, Johnny and The Moondogs, Long John and the Silver Beatles, the Beatles, Wings.
Session Work - Donovan (bass on a few tracks around Mellow Yellow), Rolling Stones (backing vocals on We Love You), John Williams (guitar for soundtrack of the movie The Honorary Consul), Elvis Costello (bass on Veronica). I've never played a session as such - gone along and filled in me MU for to get paid - it's only been for mates.
Favourite Guitarist and Bassist - Guitar would be Hendrix. Bass is me, he said modestly, but I'm allowed to say that, aren't I?
Favourite McCartney Song - The obvious choice is Yesterday because it's the biggest song ever. It's done so amazingly, it's like applause for what you've done. The other reason it's a favourite is because I dreamt is. I woke up with the tune in my head. I didn't really know I'd written it. I went around for weeks saying, "What's this tune?" Here, There and Everywhere is another one I love. And Hey Jude, Fool on the Hill, Let It Be.
Musical Equipment - Basses: Hofner violin bass (resurrected on Flowers In The Dirt, at Elvis Costello's request, for the first time since the Apple rooftop scene in Let It Be - Beatles set list still stuck to the side of it, first used at Royal Variety Show '63), Wal 5-string bass (with extra B below E), customised Rickenbacker 4001 (from Magical Mystery Tour LP and film, now reproduced as the Paul McCartney bass). Electric guitars: Les Paul Gold Top '57 (a Christmas present from Linda) and '60 Split Cherry Flame Top, Epiphone Casino '64 with a Bigsby tailpiece (the one he did the Taxman solo on). Amps: Mesa-Boogie Bass 400 slaved to a Strategy 400 driving one 2 by 15 cabinet and one 1516 BE cabinet and Roland GP8 Guitar Effects Processor. Acoustic guitars: Takamine EN25, Martin D28 (the one he played Blackbird on). Piano: Knight K15 acoustic customised upright.
The Best Thing About Being On Tour - The audience
The Worst Thing About Being On Tour - Hotels. Travelling. Not being able to have home cooking. Being away from home. I've got four kids. It's not the same as when I had none and we were just on the road, out for chicks, the old rock 'n roll thing. It's still fun but the edge of excitement has gone. Now I can do it more efficiently than ever before. Set up a base with the kids and fly out to gigs, keep a bit more of the home feeling. But that's the worst thing, not having your home comforts. You get spoilt at our age.
Nicknames - Macca. And George was Hazza, John was Lennie. Linda has a few names for me which are fairly silly, but we'd better not go into that.
Favourite Food - Linda makes a veggie quiche that real men can eat. A lot of people who come to our house, the way Linda cooks the don't know that they're eating vegetarian. Our basic reason for vegetarianism isn't health, cholesterol and so on although that's a good bonus. It's mainly because we've been potty about animals since we were kids.
Favourite Drink - If I could only choose one drink it would have to be water. When I'm a bit hung over that's all I can take. But I still like a Scotch and Coke. I can't overdo it any more. Four's my maximum, four and I'm anybody's.
Favourite Item of Clothing - I've got a T-shirt I really love. My daughter Mary gave it to me. A grey Nike T-shirt with an American footballer on the front - number 59 he is, Americans always know who he is. I don't know what it is but it just feels great. Pull that on and I'm set.
What Would You Go On A Demonstration For? - Apartheid. What happened in China this year. Amnesty International.
What Newspaper Do You Buy? - I don't. I don't take it but my favourite is the Independent now.
The Last Book You Read - The Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe. It's a great New York thriller. I used to tell the story to the kids over breakfast.
Favourite Line From A Film - "I coulda been a contender, Charlie." Marlon Brando in On The Waterfront.
Favourite Saying - There's no hair on a seagull's chest.
Secret Ambition - To be a good painter. I do it quite a bit as a hobby. I had to get rid of quite a lot of blocks about "Artists are people who've been to art school, I haven't so I'm no good." I got rid of the blocks when I turned 40. It was life begins at 40 so I looked around for a few things to start on. I finally realised I could afford to buy a few canvasses. My mind was locked into a pattern from years ago: I'm not the sort of person who buys a canvas, that's something someone else would do. It seemed like such a luxury for me. Then I realised, "God, I can buy ten!". I don't mind what I paint. It's messing with the colours I like. And faces. Little characters. I'm not trying to impress anyone except myself.

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