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Driving Rain

Track Listing
    1. Lonely Road
      "But all I could ever do, was fill, my time, with thoughts of you..."
    2. From A Lover To A Friend
      "I'm in a dilemma, all I want is to tell me the way..."
    3. She's Given Up Talking
      "But when she comes home it's a yap-a-yap-yap, words are running freely..."
    4. Driving Rain
      "Somethings open, it's my heart..."
    5. I Do
      "Days go by so quickly, when you're having fun..."
    6. Tiny Bubbles
      "All the worlds a tiny bubble floating inside the truth..."
    7. Magic Nichole's Pick
      "If I hadn't stopped you, I'd always regret..."
    8. Your Way Laura's Pick
      "I like it, please don't take my heart away..."
    9. Spinning On An Axis (With James McCartney)
      "Sun going down, gonna rise up again..."
    10. About You
      "You give me power, to get out of bed..."
    11. Heather
      "And I will dance to a runcible tune, with the queen of my heart..."
    12. Back In The Sunshine Again (With James McCartney)
      "Don't hurry, take your time..."
    13. Your Loving Flame
      "You could be the one to chase my blues away..."
    14. Riding To Jaipur
      "Oh what a delight..."
    15. Rinse The Raindrops
      "In the morning, skies'll clear..."
    16. Freedom
      "And I will fight for the right to live in freedom..."


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