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Flowers In The Dirt

Track Listing
    1. My Brave Face (With Elvis Costello) Savanna's Pick
      "I want to go bury my head in your pillow..."
    2. Rough Ride
      "You knew I didn't want to be misunderstood..."
    3. You Want Her Too (With Elvis Costello)
      "You're such a hopeless romantic..."
    4. DistractionsLaura's Pick
      "While the telephone rings on the kitchen wall..."
    5. We Got Married
      "Place your bets, it's no regrets..."
    6. Put It There
      "As long as you and I are here, put it there..."
    7. Figure Of Eight
      "Don't know if I'm coming or going..."
    8. This One Nichole's Pick
      "The swan is gliding, above the ocean..."
    9. Don't Be Careless Love (With Elvis Costello)
      "Saw your face in the morning paper..."
    10. That Day Is Done (With Elvis Costello)
      "She sprinkles flowers in the dirt..."
    11. How Many People
      "How many people, never get a chance to shine..."
    12. Motor of Love
      "You give me more than enough..."
    13. Ou Est Le Soleil (Where Is The Sun)
      "Dans la tete..."


  • Paul McCartney
  • Linda McCartney
  • Robbie McIntosh
  • Hamish Stuart
  • Chris Whitten
  • Paul "Wix" Wickens
  • Elvis Costello
  • David Gilmor
  • David Foster
  • Dave Mattacks
  • Guy Barker
  • Steve Lipson
  • Trevor Horn
  • Nicky Hopkins
  • Mitchell Froom
  • David Rhodes
  • Judd Lander
  • Chris Davis
  • Chris White
  • Dave Bishop
  • John Talyor
  • Tony Goddard
  • Ian Peters
  • Ian Harper
  • Jab Bunny
  • Eddie Klien
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