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McCartney II

Track Listing
    1. Coming Up Savanna's Pick
      "You want some peace and understanding..."
    2. Temporary Secretary
      "She can be a neurosurgeon..."
    3. On The Way
      "Well, we've been travelling for a long time..."
    4. Waterfalls
      "Don't run after motor cars..."
    5. Nobody Knows
      "Samson and Delilah would have made a crazy pair..."
    6. Front Parlour
    7. Summer Day's Song
      "For the world will soon be waking..."
    8. Frozen Japanese
    9. Bogey Music
      "And learn the bogey sound..."
    10. Darkroom Nichole's Pick
      "Come a come along with me, to my darkroom..."
    11. One Of These Days Laura's Pick
      "And breathe fresh air, ever after..."
    12. Check My Machine
      "Sticks and stones may break my bones..."
    13. Secret Friend
      Cast adrift on some uncharted sea..."
    14. Goodnight Tonight
      You can say anything but goodnight tonight..."


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  • Linda McCartney
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