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Off The Ground

Track Listing
    1. Off The Ground Nichole's Pick
      "Only answer, if the answer's no..."
    2. Looking For Changes Savanna's Pick
      "Changes in the way we treat our fellow creatures..."
    3. Hope Of Deliverance
      "And I wouldn't mind, knowing, knowing..."
    4. Mistress and Maid (With Elvis Costello)
      "And they'll get the flowers that he used to bring..."
    5. I Owe It All To You
      "I stood inside Egyptian temples..."
    6. Biker Like An Icon
      "Slowly watching precious water, drip away..."
    7. Peace In The Neighbourhood
      "How can peace hope to stay alive?"
    8. Golden Earth Girl
      "Fish in a sunbeam..."
    9. The Lovers That Never Were (With Elvis Costello)
      "Locked in a photograph..."
    10. Get Out Of My Way
      "Bye bye melancholy, listen to me..."
    11. Winedark Open Sea Laura's Pick
      "I feel love for you..."
    12. C'Mon People/Cosmically Consious
      "We've got a future and it's charging in..."


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