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Paul Is Live

Track Listing
    1. Drive My Car
      "And baby I love you..."
    2. Let Me Roll It
      "I can't tell you how I feel..."
    3. Looking For Changes
      "Do you know what I mean?"
    4. Peace In The Neighbourhood
      "People struggling to survive..."
    5. All My Loving
      "Tomorrow I'll miss you..."
    6. Robbie's Bit (Thanks Chet)
    7. Good Rocking Tonight
      "Well I heard the news, everybodys' rocking tonight..."
    8. We Can Work It Out
      "Try to see it my way..."
    9. Hope Of Deliverance Laura's Pick
      "I will always be..."
    10. Michelle
      "These are words that go together well..."
    11. Biker Like An Icon
      "They showed her picture, 'cross America..."
    12. Here, There and Everywhere
      "I want her here, there and everywhere..."
    13. My Love
      "My love, does it good, to me..."
    14. Magical Mystery Tour
      "That's an invitation..."
    15. C'Mon People
      "Call all the minstrals from the ancient times..."
    16. Lady Madonna Nichole's Pick
      "Wednesday morning papers didn't come..."
    17. Paperback Writer
      "It's based on a novel by a man named Lear..."
    18. Penny Lane
      "There beneath the blue suburban skies..."
    19. Live And Let Die
      "When you were young, and your heart was an open book..."
    20. Kansas City (Leiberman/Stroller)
      "Standing on the corner, 12th street and Vine..."
    21. Welcome To Soundcheck
    22. Hotel In Benidorm
    23. I Wanna Be Your Man Savanna's Pick
    24. A Fine Day


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