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Track Listing
    1. Stranglehold
      "Are you willing to take such a gamble?"
    2. Good Times Coming/Feel the Sun
      "There was a golden summer. before the war..."
    3. Talk More Talk
      "Bio-degradable, look out below..."
    4. Footprints
      "Oh white blanket covers the memory of all that used to be..."
    5. Only Love Remains
      "But knowing me, I'll want you back, again anda again..."
    6. Press Laura's Pick
      "Maybe we could hit upon a word, something that the others haven't heard..."
    7. Pretty Little Head
      Ursa Major, Ursa Minor..."
    8. Move Over Busker
      "When I saw Mae West in a sweaty vest..."
    9. Angry
      "Push me to the left, push me to the right..."
    10. However Absurd
      "Do not mock me when I say, this is not a lie..."
    11. Write Away
      Hey Margurita, I can think of nothing sweeter..."
    12. It's Not True Nichole's Pick
      Some people say I don't lover her, but I'm telling you, it's not true..."
    13. Tough on A Tightrope
      Conflicting reviews of our life coming in..."
    14. Spies Like Us Savanna's Pick
      "There ain't nobody that spies like us..."
    15. Once Upon A Long Ago
      Blowing balloons on a windy day..."


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  • Phil Collins
  • Pete Townshend
  • Nick Clennie-Smith
  • Dick Morrissey
  • Ray Cooper
  • Simon Chamberlain
  • Graham Ward
  • Lennie Pickett
  • Gary Barnacle
  • Gavin Eright
  • John Bradbury
  • Kate Robbins
  • Rudy James
  • Eddie Klein
  • John Hammel
  • Matt Howe
  • Steve Jackson
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