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Red Rose Speedway

Track Listing
    1. Big Barn Bed
      "Weeping on a willow, sleeping on a pillow..."
    2. My Love
      "And when the cupboard's bare, I'll still find something there with my love..."
    3. Get On The Right Thing
      "All at once you get love on your mind..."
    4. One More Kiss
      "I didn't mean to hurt you little girl..."
    5. Little Lamb Dragonfly
      "I have no answer for you, little lamb, I can help you out..."
    6. Single Pigeon
      "Did she throw you out? Sunday morning, fight about Saturday night..."
    7. When The Night
      "I never will forget the night, I held you close, I held you tight..."
    8. Loop - First Indian On The Moon
    9. Medley Lilyflower's Pick
      • Hold Me Tight
        "Take care of me and make it right..."
      • Lazy Dynamite
        "Oh lazy dynamite..."
      • Hands of Love
        "I can't get over myself, falling into the hands of love..."
      • Power Cut
        "There may be a power cut, and the candle's burnt down low..."
    10. I Lie Around
      "Roll along, wheel of fortune..."
    11. Country Dreamer Laura's Pick Savanna's Pick
      "I'd like to lie in a field with you..."
    12. The Mess (Live at the Hauge)
      "You sailed away one night in June..."
Fave Song On Red Rose Speedway
Which is your favourite song off of Red Rose Speedway?

Big Barn Bed
My Love
Get On The Right Thing
One More Kiss
Little Lamb Dragonfly
Single Pigeon
When The Night
First Indian On The Moon
I Lie Around
Country Dreamer
The Mess

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