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Run Devil Run

Track Listing
    1. Blue Jean Bop (Vincent/Levy)
      "Well blue jean baby, when I bop with you, well my heart starts hopping..."
    2. She Said Yeah (Williams)
      "Come on baby, let me buy the wedding ring..."
    3. All Shook Up (Blackwell/Presley) Savanna's Pick
      "I'm itching like the man on a fuzzy tree..."
    4. Run Devil Run
      "The angel's having fun..."
    5. No Other Baby (Bishop/Watson)
      "Got a little woman, who lives across the hall..."
    6. Lonesome Town (Knight)
      "There's a place where lovers go..."
    7. Try Not To Cry
      "I want to enjoy, being alive, don't want to leave, before I arrive..."
    8. Movie Magg (Perkins)
      "Let me take you to the movies Magg so I can hold your hand..."
    9. Brown Eyed Handsome Man (Berry)
      "Way back in history, three thousand years ago..."
    10. What It Is Nichole's Pick Laura's Pick
      "You, are what it is, that makes the world go around for me..."
    11. Coquette (Green/Kahn/Lombardo)
      "Someday, you'll fall in love, as I fell in love with you..."
    12. I Got Stung (Schroeder/Hill)
      "Holy smokes, landsakes alive..."
    13. Honey Hush (Turner)
      "A hi hi a hi ho silver..."
    14. Shake A Hand (Morris)
      "Be truthful to me, and I'll be truthful to you..."
    15. Party (Robinson)
      "I've never kissed a bear, I've never kissed a goon, but I can shake a chicken in the middle of the room..."


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