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Speed Of Sound

Track Listing
    1. Let 'Em In
      "Do me a favour, open the door, and let 'em in..."
    2. The Note You Never Wrote
      "The Mayor of Balitimore is here..."
    3. She's My Baby Laura's Pick
      "Taking me by surprise..."
    4. Beware My Love
      "You'll hear a shout, ane then you'll be in it..."
    5. Wino Junko (Jimmy McCulloch)
      "This and that, you crazy cat..."
    6. Silly Love Songs
      "As, she gave me more, she gave it all to me, say can't you see..."
    7. Cook Of The House Nichole's Pick
      "Green beans in the colander and where the rest is heaven only knows..."
    8. Time To Hide (Denny Laine)
      "Baby, won't you let me have a little time to hide..."
    9. Must Do Something About It
      "Played another losing card game, with myself..."
    10. San Ferry Anne
      "Your little man, brings you trinkets when he can..."
    11. Warm And Beautiful
      "Sunlight's morning glory, tells the story of our love..."
    12. Walking in the Park With Eloise (Jim McCartney)
    13. Bridge On The River Suite
    14. Sally G Savanna's Pick
      "I never thought to ask her what the letter G stood for..."
Fave Song On Speed Of Sound
Which is your favourite song off of Speed Of Sound?

Let 'Em In
The Note You Never Wrote
She's My Baby
Beware My Love
Wino Junko
Silly Love Songs
Cook of the House
Time To Hide
Must Do Something About It
San Ferry Anne
Warm and Beautiful
Walking in the Park With Eloise
Bridge on the River Suite
Sally G

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