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Standing Stone

Track Listing
    1. Movement I - After Heavy Light Years
      1. Fire/Rain
      2. Cell Growth
      3. Human Theme
    2. Movement II - He Awoke Startled
      1. Meditation
      2. Crystal Ship
      3. Sea Voyage
      4. Lost At Sea
      5. Release
    3. Movement III - Subtle Colours Merged Soft Contours
      1. Safe Haven/Standing Stone
      2. Peaceful Movement Nichole's Pick
      3. Messenger
      4. Lament
      5. Trance
      6. Eclipse
    4. Movement IV - Strings Pluck, Horns Blow, Drums Beat
      1. Glory Tales
      2. Fugal Celebration
      3. Rustic Dance
      4. Love Duet
      5. Celebration


  • Paul McCartney
  • Lawrence Foster
  • London Symphony Orchestra
  • London Symphony Chorus
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