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Tug Of War

Track Listing
    1. Tug Of War
      "In another world, we could stand on top of the mountain..."
    2. Take It Away Nichole's Pick
      "Faded flowers, wait in the jar, till the evening is complete..."
    3. Somebody Who Cares
      "Well, it's annoying, not going to get very far..."
    4. What's That You're Doing? (With Stevie Wonder)
      "Girl I like the way you talk to me..."
    5. Here Today
      "And if I say, I really loved you, and was glad you came along..."
    6. Ballroom Dancing Savanna's Pick
      "Well it went so fast and we all grew up..."
    7. The Pound Is Sinking
      "Hear me, now lover, can't be held responsible now..."
    8. Wanderlust Laura's Pick
      "What petty crime, was I found guilty of..."
    9. Get It
      "Once I had a little Spanish guitar..."
    10. Be What You See (Link)
      "Is now the one you see..."
    11. Dress Me Up As A Robber
      "Dressing me up, it doesn't make a difference..."
    12. Ebony and Ivory
      "We all know, that people are the same where ever you go..."


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  • Steve Gadd
  • Denny Laine
  • Dave Mattacks
  • Campbell Maloney
  • Adrian Brett
  • Andy McKay
  • Jack Rothstein
  • Bernard Partridge
  • Ian Jewel
  • Keith Harvey
  • Jack Brymer
  • Adrian Sheppard
  • Peter Marshall
  • Phillip Jones
  • Carl Perkins
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