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Track Listing
    1. Be-Bop-A-Lula (Vincent/Davis) Nichole's Pick
      "She's my baby..."
    2. I Lost My Little Girl
      "Let me tell you the story, the very first song I wrote..."
    3. Here, There, and Everywhere
      "I need her everywhere..."
    4. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Monroe)
      "Shine on the one who's gone and left me blue..."
    5. We Can Work It Out Savanna's Pick
      "Life is very short..."
    6. San Francisco Bay Blues (J.Fuller)
      "The ocean liner is going so far away..."
    7. I've Just Seen A Face
      "She's just the girl for me..."
    8. Every Night Laura's Pick
      "Every day I lean on a lamp post, I'm wasting my time..."
    9. She's A Woman
      "Turn me on when I get lonely, people tell me that she's only..."
    10. Hi-Heel Sneakers (R.Higgenbotham)
      "Better wear some boxing gloves..."
    11. And I Love Her
      "A love like ours, could never die..."
    12. That Would Be Something
      "To meet you in the falling rain..."
    13. Blackbird
      "Take those sunken eyes and learn to see..."
    14. Ain't No Sunshine (Bill Withers)
      "Only darkness every day..."
    15. Good Rockin' Tonight
      "Well I want you to meet me..."
    16. Singing The Blues (Melvin Endsley)
      "I'd never thought, that I'd ever loose..."
    17. Junk


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