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Wild Life

Track Listing
    1. Mumbo
    2. Bip Bop Savanna's Pick
      "Take your golden dollar, put it in your hand..."
    3. Love Is Strange (By Smith-Baker-Robinson)
      "Many people, they don't understand, they think that having love..."
    4. Wild Life
      "I saw a sign said, the animals had the right of way..."
    5. Some People Never Know
      "No one else will ever see, how much faith you have in me..."
    6. I Am Your Singer
      "You are my song linger on, you are my song I am your singer..."
    7. Bip Bop (Link)
    8. Tomorrow Lilyflower's Pick
      "Take a breath of country air, and run your pretty fingers through my hair..."
    9. Dear Friend
      "Is this really the borderline? Does it really, mean that much to you?..."
    10. Mumbo (Link)
    11. Oh Woman Oh Why?
      "Well, I'm fed up, with your lyin', cheatin' ways..."
    12. Mary Had A Little Lamb
      "Mary had a little lamb, it's fleece was white as snow..."
    13. Little Woman Love Laura's Pick
      "I got a little woman I can really love..."
Fave Song On Wild Life
Which is your favourite song off of Wild Life?

Bip Bop
Love Is Strange
Wild Life
Some People Never Know
I Am Your Singer
Bip Bop Link
Dear Friend
Mumbo Link
Oh Woman Oh Why
Mary Had A Little Lamb
Little Woman Love

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