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Wings Greatest

Track Listing
    1. Another Day Nichole's Pick
      "As she posts another letter to the sound of five..."
    2. Silly Love Songs
      "I love you..."
    3. "Live and Let Die
      "What does it matter to you, when you got a job to do..."
    4. Junior's Farm
      "Ollie Hardy didn't have much sense..."
    5. "With A Little Luck"
      "Can't you feel the town exploding..."
    6. Band On The Run
      "The jailer man and sailor Sam, were searching everyone..."
    7. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
      "Hands across the water, hands across the sky..."
    8. Hi, Hi, Hi
      "Took you back to my little place..."
    9. Let 'Em In Savanna's Pick
      "Someone's knocking on the door, someone's ringing the bell..."
    10. My Love
      "Only my love holds the other key..."
    11. Jet
      "Jet! With the wind in your hair of a thousand laces..."
    12. Mull Of Kintyre Laura's Pick
      Sweep through the heather, like deer in the glen..."
Fave Song On Wings Greatest
Which is your favourite song off of Wings Greatest?

Another Day
Silly Love Songs
Live and Let Die
Junior's Farm
With A Little Luck
Band On The Run
Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
Hi Hi Hi
Let 'Em In
My Love
Mull of Kintyre

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