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Wings Over America

Track Listing
    1. Medely
      • Venus and Mars
        "Red lights, green lights, strawberry wine..."
      • Rock Show
        "'Cos there's a ROCK SHOW..."
      • Jet
        "I thought your father was bold as a sergent major..."
    2. Let Me Roll It
      "I can't tell you how I feel, my heart is like a wheel..."
    3. Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
      "Hung on the tele-, hung on the tele-, hung on the telephone..."
    4. Medicine Jar (Jimmy McCulloch)
      "Dead on your feet you won't get far..."
    5. Maybe I'm Amazed
      "Maybe I'm afraid of the way I leave you..."
    6. Call Me Back Again
      When I was, just a little baby boy..."
    7. Lady Madonna
      "Wonders how you manage to make ends meet..."
    8. The Long and Winding Road
      "Has left a pool of tears..."
    9. Live and Let Die Savanna's Pick
      "You know you did, you know you did, you know you did..."
    10. Picasso's Last Words
      "A grand old painter died last night..."
    11. Richard Cory (Paul Simon)
      "The papers print his picture..."
    12. Bluebird Nichole's Pick
      "And we'll fly into the breeze..."
    13. I've Just Seen A Face
      "Had it been another day, I might have looked the other way..."
    14. Blackbird
      "Take these broken wings and learn to fly..."
    15. Yesterday
      "Love was such an easy game to play..."
    16. You Gave Me The Answer
      "You'd merely invite them in for a cuppa tea..."
    17. Magneto and Titanium Man
      "We went to town with the library..."
    18. Go Now (Banks/Bennett)
      "We've already said goodbye to love..."
    19. My Love
      "Only my love does it good to me..."
    20. Listen To What the Man Said
      "Any time, any day, you can hear the people say..."
    21. Let 'Em In
      "Sister Suzie, brother John..."
    22. Time To Hide (Denny Laine)
      "Baby, won't you let me have a little time to hide..."
    23. Silly Love Songs
      "I look around me and I see it isn't so..."
    24. Beware My Love
      "Can't say, found out, tell you to..."
    25. Letting Go
      "I wanna put her on the radio..."
    26. Band On The Run
      "And the bell was ringing in the village square..."
    27. Hi, Hi, Hi
      "You were standing with a bootleg in your hand..."
    28. Soily
      "The cat in satin trousers says it's oily..." Laura's Pick
Fave Song On Wings Over America
Which is your favourite song off of Wings Over America

Venus and Mars Medley
Let Me Roll It
Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
Medicine Jar
Maybe I'm Amazed
Call Me Back Again
Lady Madonna
The Long And Winding Road
Live And Let Die
Picasso's Last Word
Richard Cory
I've Just Seen A Face
You Gave Me The Answer
Magneto and Titanium Man
Go Now
My Love
Listen To What the Man Said
Let 'Em In
Time To Hide
Silly Love Songs
Beware My Love
Letting Go
Band On The Run
Hi Hi Hi

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