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Same rules as the Wingspan screenshots. Cheers! Nichole

Paul Begging Linda not to Leave Him Alone

Paul singing Calico Skies with Linda

The kiss in Calico Skies!

The REAL Flaming Pie!!

Paul and His Grand


Paul singing Heaven On A Sunday

In The World Tonight (Mary's Version) kiss

Kiss # 2

Peace Man, Peace!

Love the smile!

Linda dancing from In The World Tonight (Mary's Version)


Paul and his guitar, it's a beautiful thing!

Presenting Lucy Martin in her lovely score dress

Maybe Stella should start a new line, whadda think?

Paul and Lin riding their horses

Paul dancing in the sand

He's multitalented!

I rest my case.

You make me wanna SHOUT!

If I only had one love, YOURS would be the one I'd choose!

Paul pointing and with George Martin

Paul's Rings

Greeting Sir George

Long Haired Paul

Paul, and his twin.  Oh! Wait, Paul doesn't have a twin, that's just the magic of the telly!

In Concert

Look of Love there

Paul sailing

Paul singing silly songs

The Sweater

Be the sweater, be the sweater Laura! :-)

Wonder what he's thinking? I'll take suggestions!

What ever happened to this??

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