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Wingspan Screenshots

On Tour in 1976

Linda looking up at Paul

The band in the back of a limo 1976

When we get tired of it we'll bop it on the head

I really don't think I'd mind as much if Paul broke my jaw

Linda playing Keyboards from BTTE

Paul juice, I see it as sweat, Laura and who knows who else sees it as sexy.

Heather and horse 1976

Heather holding Mary, Mary's like almost as big as Heather!!

Linda and Heather in the flowers

He's got a heart of gold, and he really is 10ft tall!, Here's BILLY

Mary, shame on you! Don't kick your dad!

Paul and Lin in Louisiana

Close up of above

James' first photo

Movie Ad for Let It Be

A very bored Linda at an Apple meeting, ugh

What is Mary eating??

Linda in a field of flowers

I luv this piccie!!!

Linda in Jamacia

See above, now she's playing guitar

There's that elusive yellow dress from the wedding, I'm sorry, but that yellow coat bugged me, I like the softer colour of the actual dress.

I'm so tired... I haven't slept a wink

Linda sitting on a car

Linda lying on a car

Linda and her horse

In Nashville

Wings Rehearsal

She likes to sit on that car!!

Linda flipping off the camera man, well then, there ya go :)

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