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Wingspan Screenshots Page 2

Lin and her horse

Linda in Yellow Flowers

Oh I love you I still care

I love this picture!!

Linda's picture of Aretha Franklin

Linda in London

Linda and Heather, age threeish

Linda in a nightclub

Haven't figured out what she's doing, or wearing

Linda and Mary on a horse

Paul talking about Linda's long slender fingers

Cropped version of Sgt. Peppers photo

Linda in Pigtails with Heather

Linda during the Let It Be recording

Linda in braids

What has Mary been eating???

Linda's shoes, circa 1972

Dancing for Mardi Gras

Mary in those cute little red overalls

Pajamas Pajamas Pajamas!!!

Mary and paul doing the Wings sign

Paul and Denny Seiwell

Paul and his guitar

Paul and Heather at Microphone

Paul and Heather in flowers

The whole McCartney family, 12 March 1969

Right after that dog barked, I bet poor Lin got some cat claws in the shoulder!

Paul and Linda split screen

Paul and Lin holding hands on horseback ride, mmm

Paul and Linda in NYC

Paul and Linda in Lagos

From My Love

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