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Wingspan Screenshots Page 3

Paul and Linda in Scotland

Recording Ram


P: Let's slide down a hill on out butts!    L: Ok! :)

Love this photo

Paul and Martha in the car

This is such a cute photo of Mary and Paul

Listen up kid, this is your father's history here.

Paul playing the Lovely Linda

Paul sleeping in Lin's arms

Paul Stella and a bunch of dogs

Paul writing the song, Two of Us

Paul walking in the sand

Ode to the Koala

Sealed with a Kiss

One koala two koala

Beautiful guitar

Recording Ram

Sun set in St. John USVI

Paul and Lin in Sweden

Swimming 1977

Swimming 1977

Wings Wild Life

Arriving at the Launch of the Wings Party, man those are some pants!

Paul and Linda linked arms

Rude Studios

1972 Tour Group Roadies, Paul, Linda, Mary, Heather, Monics (holding Stella), Denny S., Henry and Denny L.


Paul and Linda in credits

Winter Rose, Winter Rose shine your light down on me

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