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Fill Stevie's Purse!

Ok, because I am really random, and easily amused, and have a fabulously thinking friend called Lyra, you can now help us fill Stevie's purse. Basically all you have to do is think of something that Stevie may possibly carry around with her, you know anything. Then you fill in the form below and I'll put it up assuming it really is a possibility

This means nothing:

  • Not already on the list.
  • Deeply personal
  • Suggesting things that are not true (i.e. witches hats, books on magic)
  • No longer true (i.e. no silver spoons, etc...)
  • Physically impossible (if you can't fit it in your average purse, then it's not a qualifing object)

    What's your name?
    What's your e-mail?
    Now, fill her purse!

    Stevie has... in her purse so far
    • Alice In Wonderland DVD (Suggested By Raven)
    • Amulet(Suggested By Sara)
    • Antibacterial Gel (Suggested By Barbara)
    • Asthma Inhaler (Suggested By Barbara)
    • Backstage Passes (Suggested By Tristyn)
    • Band Aids (Suggested By Tricia)
    • Black Eyeliner (Suggested By Andi)
    • Black Rubber Bracelets (Suggested By Shanna)
    • Bottle Of Eyedrops
    • Cassette Demo (Suggested By Danielle)
    • CD Player
    • Cell Phone/Pager (Suggested By Jackie)
    • Chapstick
    • Checkbook (Suggested By Jackie)
    • Comb(Suggested By Caitlin)
    • Compact
    • Crumpled Up Pieces Of Paper (Suggested By Lyra)
    • Dead Glowstick
    • Diamond Necklace (Suggested By Shanna)
    • Doggie Treats (Suggested By Danie C)
    • Dried Roses(Suggested by Danie C)
    • Earrings (Suggested By Shel)
    • Expired Driver's License(Suggested By Caitlin)
    • Eyedrops(Suggested By Caitlin)
    • Eye Glasses & Case (Suggested By Jackie)
    • Favourite Fragrance (Suggested By Kathy)
    • Feather (Suggested By Lizzy)
    • Foldable Hairbrush
    • Forehead Art
    • Foreign Coins (Suggested By Tristyn)
    • Gloves(Suggested By Joe)
    • Gold Dust Glitter (Suggested By Andi)
    • Gold Moon Necklace(Suggested by Danie C)
    • Gum / Gum Wrappers (Suggested By Lyra, Todd)
    • Hair Gel/Spray (Suggested By Lisa)
    • Hand Lotion
    • Her New Fleetwood Mac CD (Suggested By Amy)
    • Hotel Key She Forgot To Return (Suggested By Joanie)
    • Jewel Encrusted Flask Full Of Evian Or Perrier (Suggested By Joanie)
    • Journal
    • Letter From A Dear Friend (Suggested By Jessie)
    • Lighter(Suggested by Danie C.)
    • Lindsey's Cell Phone Number (Suggested By Renae) Note: Oh Yeah! How Could I Have Missed That One??
    • Lipstick / Lip Gloss (Suggested By TAFKA Jack; Caitlin)
    • Little Bottle Of Hairspray (Suggested By Barbara)
    • Little Note Pad (Suggested By Barbara)
    • Lotion (Suggested By Danie C)
    • Mardi Gras Beads (Suggested By Tristyn)
    • Mints (Suggested By Jackie)
    • Money/Credit Cards (Suggested By Jeni)
    • Mood Ring(Suggested By Caitlin)
    • Nail File
    • Nail Polish(Suggested By Caitlin)
    • Notepad (Suggested By Kristin)
    • Old Love Letter (Suggested by CerridwenOne)
    • Old Airplane Tickets (Suggested By Tristyn)
    • Pack Of Gum (Suggested By Jackie)
    • Paperback Book (Suggested By Lyra)
    • Passport (Suggested By Tristyn)
    • Photo Book (Suggested By TAFKA Jack)
    • Photo of Robin(Suggested by CerridwenOne)
    • Photos of Chris, Lori and Jessica(Suggested by Christine C.)
    • Photos of her dogs, SaraBellaDonna and Sulamith India Grace (Suggested By Jessica)
    • Poker Chips (Suggested By Danie C)
    • Postcard From The Road (Suggested By Mariel)
    • Quartz Crystal(Suggested By Joanie)
    • Ribbons and Bows (Suggested By Kathy C.)
    • Safety Pin for Good Luck (Suggested By Kelly)
    • Several Pens
    • Sheryl Crow CD's (Suggested By Jackie)
    • Some Clear Nail Polish (Suggested By Ashley)
    • Some Dixie Chicks Cds (Suggested By Lyra)
    • Some Incense / Nag Champa (Suggested By Kristen & Meridith)
    • Sunglasses (Suggested By TAFKA Jack)
    • Tape Recorder to save song ideas (Suggested by Jessica)
    • Throat Lozenges (Suggested By Lisa)
    • Tiara (Suggested By Shanna)
    • Tom Petty's The Last DJ (Suggested By Jennifer)
    • Unpaid parking ticket (Suggested By Kathy C.)
    • Wallet (Suggested By Barbara)
    • Worry Stone
    Note: This is not factual, just for fun.

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