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Which Era Stevie Are You?

Describe yourself...
Uplifted, free...
Young, free-spirited, hopeful...
Majorly depressed...
Knocked out and a classic...
Still hopeful, a little bit older and bolder...
Slightly depressed

What's your favourite outfit you own?
Long white dress, legwarmers, platforms.
Black dress, platforms, shawls.
California duds, cute t-shirt and hip-hugger jeans.
Long black backless dress, and chiffon wings.
Long dress, in a purpley-pink colour, platforms.
A weird variation of the "little black dress", sometimes it looks good, other times, not so good and platforms.

What does (or do you wish) your hair looked like?
Long, blonde, but not permed.
Long, blonde, permed, plus fabulous hair beads.
Brownish, blondish, long, layers and I happen to have enough time to make it look all pretty every morning.
LONG, blonde, permed, and sometime I'll pile it on top of my head.
Short, blonde, kind fluffy style 80's hair.
Blondish, brownish, layers, I've decided I don't care what it looks like and just run a brush thru it in the morning... maybe...

How's your love life?
Wonderful, I have the greatest boyfriend in the world!
It's probably the only part of my life that's semi-ok.
Good, I'm dating a very tall man.
I have a boyfriend, I'm just not telling you who he is, but I'll give you a hint, he's on this tour with me...
Somedays it's there, others if you get near me, I'll hurt you!
I'm doing ok in that department, producers rock!

Which song do you like to sing best?
Sweet Girl.
Long Distance Winner.
I Can't Wait
Leather and Lace.

Where do you live?
L.A. with my boyfriend.
Sausalito Harbour, alone.
The studio.
I balance my time between Colorado, California and New York.
Does the Betty Ford count?

How do others view you?
I am pretty much unknown.
As myself.
Still the enchantress.
That rock star, who is like a cat, she lives thru all this junk...
A classic, and still alive today.
The newest pop singer on the block.

Choose a guy...
I told you already, I have a boyfriend, I just can't tell you who. Well, I could, but I'd have to kill you...
Joe Walsh, and a few other people...
Lindsey Buckingham.
Jimmy Ivoine.
Lindsey, I mean, no wait, Don Henley.
Ummm, Mick Fleetwood, but don't tell Lindsey.

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