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Which Song Are You?

Describe your personality...
City girl/boy
Free, I am who I am.
Loud, screaming and high-energy.
Quite, princess-like, hopeless romantic.
Peppy, but not horribly loud like a cheerleader.

What's your favourite outfit choice?
A huge turn of the century style dress / Turn of the century type pants and vest.
A long skirt and blouse, but not black. / Suit and tie.
Black, the biggest sleeves I can find. / Hippy style shirt, jeans.
Anything I want.
Jeans, cute t-shirt from a boutique downtown. / Skater duds.

Choose a guy/girl type...
Rock star type, fast, wild, crazy.
A romantic hunk/babe, willing to let me go, even if it means he/she will die.
Cowboy/girl please.
Guy/girl?... What guy/girl? I'm mending a broken heart.
The danger is to fall in love.

Now choose an actual guy...
Mick Fleetwood.
Jimmy Iovine.
Kim Anderson.
Lindsey Buckingham.
Don Henley.

Choose an insturment...
Electric Guitar.
Acoustic Guitar.

How's your self esteem?
I'm mending a broken heart, can't you see??
I'm strong, my self esteen is very good.
Don't mess with me, I know I rock!
I am who I am, I don't change for anyone.
I'm delicate, don't hurt me!

How do others view you?
Maybe a little weak, but beautiful none the less.
Spirit in flight, fearless.
Slow, shy.
It doesn't matter anymore.
Loud, maybe even overplayed.

What kind of music do you like?
Rock n Roll!
Soft rock.

Choose a decade and place...
Home, Now.
1910, France.
California, or Colorado, 1970s.
Ancient times, Ireland.

Do you feel misunderstood?
Don't blame it on me, blame my wild heart.
By some people, who don't listen.
No way, I am loved.
All the time.
Not really, I am timeless.

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