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La Belle et La BÍte

Beauty and the Beast, or La Belle et La BÍte is just something that can't be recreated in a crummy Disney movie, it is important to see the original one at least ONCE in your life, and happily it is avaliable in a remastered form on DVD. You can also probably check it out at your local library. That's what I did. Then I watched it so many times that I had to get the DVD. Stevie's so not kidding about how great the thing is, the photography is SUPER, the sound is beautiful, and you don't even realise you're watching it in French.

The demo of this song is a full 18:02. I spent three lunch periods translating it into readable English for you...

Stevie: Well, this is gonna be a fun take.

Tom [Petty]: Which is the first song?

S: This is a song that I wrote after the second screening of ĎBeauty and the Beastí of which I am gonna buy a copy of if it costs me a thousand dollars because it is SO fabulous.

T: Did you see the one with George C. Scott?

S: No, I saw the one withÖ who was it? We donít even know, itís French! Itís all French; subtitles. Itís incredible, it couldnít possibly, be, I mean, thereís this thing in it that is so real that itís kinda scary. But the story of the Beauty and the Beast is so incredible, cause heís so ugly and heís so good and heís so kind and he has her to pay back a debt from his father but when she goes back to all her gay and fun friends, you know. And she keeps this mirror and sheíll look in the mirror and sheíll see his face and heís just like, ďIíll grieve if you donít come back, Iíll die.Ē You, just, in your own life you think, ĎBoy, you can have all the riches and this and that in the world,í but if you donít have the look of that in someone elseís eyes, forget it! Itís NOT happening! And she rushes home to get him and sheís going, ďMa bÍte, ma bÍte! Where are you?Ē You know, sheís searchiní and searchiní and heís laying on the ground and heís dyiní. And he said a beast can only die. A man could fight but the poor beast can only die. It killed me; anyway, Iíll get it up here again and when I do Iíll call you. [Sticks something in her mouth so the rest of the speech is a little hard to understand.]

T: Mmhmm

S: So I saw it once, I was knocked out with the photography. The candleholders that were real hands that would point, oh it was SO weird. The fire place with the two heads on each side, where the guys like were real and they were going [pause], oh itís incredible, isnít it Tom?

T: Yeah, it was pretty good.

S: Itís SO strange, the only part we didnít like, the end, we thought fell apart a little bit.

T: Yeah

S: But the all of it up until the last three minutes was just INCREDIBLE. I mean, the fairy tale of all fairy tales. I didnít even remember the story so I was totally blissed out because I was expecting this dumb and unpleasant show. So this is the story and in this song, both people are switching back and forth to the roles of beauty and the beast, because in true life, you know, if youíre going with someone. Whether if youíre the man of the woman, you are the beauty and you are the beast sometimes because you just are and when you see the movie youíll know what I mean.

S:[starts playing and singing] You're [stops] I know I do that, sorry. This is SO complicated, it doesn't seem it, but it is.

[plays] [sings] [Tom plays in the background]

S: Oh, this is hard, I can't see it. [sings and plays] This is a really hard song to play. I mean to get though it one time would be...

T: [mumbles] Yeah.

S: [starts to shuffle some papers]

T: Hard chords?

S: Umm, well...

[both mumble]

S: Whoops, dripping wax, huh? [shuffles papers some more]

T: [fiddles with guitar]

S: I'm ingenious, sometimes, I even, surprise myself.

T: [laughs] I can't believe you didn't know.

S: Taping the words to the candle, making history here. You know what, if I had my glasses, if I had my glasses,

T: Where are they?

S: Upstairs [Tom laughs], I could see. Let's try it this way. [shuffles and starts to play] Do you want me to just play chords for a minute? Play the verse all the way through without singing?

T: Ah, no, you can go ahead and sing.

S: 'K, I'm gonna do it a little slower [plays]

T: I just need to hear it a bunch of times [plays]

S: [sings] You're... No, wrong chord [starts again] [fiddles with notes and words] Alright, second verse. This is the chorus [sings] wait a minute, I'd rather start it lower [restarts] and the middle part will go "C", "A", or whatever that is.

T: [plays and repeats some lyrics]

S: [sings] Kinda understand it a little? Do you think it's good to do the solo in that and go out on it or come back to something else like it, I mean, do you hear a little orchestration? I mean there's some heavy...

T: No, it's nice

S: It says, 'My darling lives in a world that is not mine' It's hard for me to read and play cause it's so dark, 'An old child, misunderstood but out of time. Timeless is the creature who is wise but timeless is the prisoner in disguise.

T: Beautiful.

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Magnificent the Horse
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Poster from the Original Movie
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Poster from Remastered DVD
Poster From Remastered DVD

Film By Jean Cocteau - 1946.

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