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Gypsy Style


Stevie likes burnable stuff, for some reason. It smells good, it looks cool, it creates ambience. That's good enough for me. So after some reseach, I've found that she's fond of Nag Champa incense, Jasmine candles and keeping her fireplaces on all year round, even if it IS 100° in Phoenix.


Nag champa incense is one of the most popular types, including Stevie's favourite. It smells a little bit strong if you're not used to it, but extremley lovely. It's usally what most people think of when they think incense.

You can buy nag champa at the nag champa company or most used music stores, import stores and some candle stores. There is a Stevie insence bottle avaliable, but you'd have to check e-bay or another second hand place as it is no longer being produced.

Nag Champa Box


Candles just provide a lovely atmosphere, I've read several places that Stevie like Jasmine, but I can't remember where. Candles are pretty easy to find anywhere, most places sell them, like Bath and Body Works has a midnight jasmine candle which smells pretty darn good. Target also has some jasmine votives which are cheap and good smelling.


Jasmine Votives and a larger 24oz Jasmine candle.

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