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Second Branch - Children Of Llyr

The Beginning

Llyr Llediaith is the chief in the Old Tribe. His ďwifeĒ is Penardim. Beli of the Deep is the High King over Island of Mighty and brother of Penardim. Eurosswydd is the son of Maelgwn. He is agains ways of the Old Tribeís women. He wants to kill Llyr and Beli and Island of Mighty. Manawyddan is the son of Penardim. Penardim pleads with the Druids to let Llyr live, but she sleeps with Eurosswydd, telling herself that he is Llyr (she is not purposefully unfaithful, in this tradition, the Old Tribe women can sleep with whomever they want, whenever they want, but generally remain true. In the New Tribe, queens are expected to lie with the visiting King). Nissyen and Evnissyen are the sons (twins) of Penardim and Eurosswydd. Three years after the twins were born, Penardim and Llyr have a daughter called Branwen.

The Coming Of The Stranger

Bran is the first son of Penardim and Llyr. Llwndrys is in the same approximate spot as London, England. M‚th, son of Mathonwy ruled over Gwynnedd but was replaced by Gwydian, the son of Don. Caswallon, the son of Beli wanted Branís place. Bran, the Blessed, brought prosperity. Caradoc is the son of Bran. Bran and Manawyddan were on top of the Rock of Harlech. Caradoc will become the heir if Branwen doesnít have a son. Bran would get anything Caradoc wanted. Caradoc doesnít want to rule. While they are bickering, ships come in from sea. Bran sends Manawyddan to meet them. These ships come in peace. On them, comes Matholuch, the High King of Ireland. He asks for Branwen to be his wife. Bran says that he will let Branwen choose. Bran hosts a feast for the king. Branwen loves Matholuch, but is afraid to leave home. However, pain and loss are inescapable. Manawyddan is not happy with Bran sending Branwen away. He fears she will be an outsider and her son would have a hard time ruling both places.

The Insult

Branwen and Matholuch are wed. An Irish man mistakes serious Evnissyen for playful Nissyen and tells him that the horses are of his kinsmen and declares that Branwen is Matholuchís. Evnissyen is shamed, he kills the horsekeeper and cuts the ears and lips off of the horses, all but killing them. Matholuch is outraged and leaves. After a tribal discussion, Matholuch is asked back to take Branwen, he returns.

The Peacemaking

Nissyen and Evinissyen meet by a tree. Branwen is upset with Matholuch. He explains, saying he was mad, shamed, grieved and enraged. He didnít think. Matholuch stays with Branwen. There is foreshadowing of a future war.

The Iron House

Branwen and Matholuch go to Ireland. Caradoc and his wife are expecting a son. Their sons ransack the road to Tara. At the table, the gossip is that Rhiannon has been childless for so long, that in a year, if she doesnít have a child, she could not stay.

The Blow

Matholuch brings Branwen to Tara. Gwern, son of Matholuch and Branwen is born. The oldest druids suggest Gwern be raised to love the Irish, then returned to Branwenís people to rule. Amergin, a high druid dies. The New Tribes start criticizing Matholuch. Branwen restores his pride. New Tribes tell Matholuch to abandon Branwen, their friendship with him is bought with gifts. Matholuch divorces Branwen, slaps her face and puts her in the kitchen for three years. Everyday the butcher comes to redden her face as she reddened the face of the Goddess Ireland.

Branwen and the Starling

Branwen learns her son is doing well. She hears a starling in the eaves of the palace. A cat has already injured it. Branwen rescues it and brings it inside to watch the wounds. Branwen teaches the starling to speak. She sends the starling to her brother, but immediately regrets winning its love to use as a tool. The starling flew for days, though all sorts of dangers, because it loved Branwen. The starling rests in Branís hair when it arrives, sleep was just like a great, dark, soft wing and then gives him the message.

The Hosting of the Island of the Mighty

Bran and Manawyddan want Ireland. Bran leaves a seven chief council, including Caradoc, his son. Women were once king. Pryderi finds a lover, Kigra.

The Sinking Lands

Bran cannot cross to Ireland in a boat, because he is too big. He and his men go to Ireland.

The One Vice of Bran

Branwen suggests that the Irish build a home for Bran. The Irish start to build a magnificent house. While they do this, Branís men raid. Rhiannon cares for Branwenís starling. Branwen introduces her son, Gwern, but is ashamed of her relations with his dad. Gwern will become the king of both lands. Branwenís brother, Evnissyen, throws Gwern into the fire.


Branwen leaps to save Gwern. Evnissyen shoves her away, Bran shields her. Evnissyen claims it was for the good of Caradoc. Daemons are sent in by the Irish. Pryderi shows up. The Irish wake their dead by way of a magic cauldron.

The Slayer of Two Kings

Nissyenís head is put on a pole by the Irish. Evissyen pretends to be an Irish dead. He is tossed into the cauldron. The cauldron dies, and the fumes kill most of the people. The Island of the Mighty have no women for children. Branwen is still upset about sending the starling. Bran asked Branwen to cut his head off. Pryderi says no. Manawyaddan cuts it off. Branís death brings death to all in the Island of Mighty. Manawyddan kills Matholuch in a battle for sleeping with Branwen.

Wind Of Death

While the others sleep, Branwen prays. She tends to Branís head. Caradoc becomes the ruler but is soon killed.

The Birds Of Rhiannon

Branwen offers to cook, she hasnít looked at fire since her sonís death. She makes a mound of dirt for Branís head. She babies it as if she wishes for a new baby. Branwen dies and is buried in Branwenís Isle. The survivors of the war try and decide what to do. Rhiannonís birds and Pryderi come and sing for seven days. It is not possible to love too much, but to love one person too much. Branís head is buried on White Mount (where the Tower of London is).