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Is there anything besides maybe shawls and chiffon that is more recognisable as "Stevie" than her shoes? I mean, come on, she has like a billion pairs and they all have 6 inch platforms.

Gee whiz, she's even got platform tennis shoes! At anyrate, I can't wear 6inchers (I can't walk in them, my feet would hate me at the end of the day and I'm taller than her so I'd look like a giant), but I have a collection of smaller platforms (like 3.5 inches max) and I have found that they are really not that hard to find with today's current fashion styles. (Read : Get while you can, they won't be fashionable forever ya know!)

Note : Stevie's are technically boots, not shoes or sandals like displayed here.

Platform words of advice:

  • Don't run, it's usually not worth it. In the case you MUST run, take the shoes off first and dash barefooted.
  • Don't try any twirling before you've walked around a lot first.
  • Caution is needed for the first 2 odd weeks you wear these, and bring along some flat shoes just in case. Anyone walking by you at high speed can take you down and fast.
  • Keep the number to the ankle/foot doctor handy, you may need it.

Joys Of Wearing Platforms

  • You suddenly get to look down at people.
  • You see things on top shelves that you didn't before.
  • You can stop stepping on your skirt hems.
  • People that hack you off can end up with 6 inches of shoe sole on their toes.
  • It's amazing how much more confident you can feel with that extra few inches.
  • It is priceless to taunt your mom when suddenly you're not just 1/2 inch taller, you're a full 5.
  • You can dance like Stevie.
Platform Reebocks, modelled by the Lovely, Stevie Nicks!
Platform Boots From Bella DonnaClose Up of Bella Donna Shoes
Platforms From the 70'sClose Up
Platform Boots, After They've Become too Hard to Stand in...Close Up

Note: The Below Shoes are not Stevie's, they're mine.

Dragonfly Shoes

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