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Well, I don't know if EVERYONE counts the tambourine as an instrument, or if it really counts as a concert sound, but that's beside the point here. The point is that, it's what Stevie plays, right? Right. Ok, and so as a result, what kinda Stevie style page would be anywhere NEAR complete without mentioning where to find tambourines??
    When I was standing on-stage with nothing to do and feeling strange, I'd always grab one and start slapping it. When your hands are empty, a tambourine can make you feel very worthwhile.
    Stevie Nicks

First of all, Stevie's got serious acres of ribbon on her tambos, as shown in the Blue Denim photo below. (I call these ribbons "tambo tails", I'm not sure what she calls em.)

Blue Denim Tambo Tails

Secondly, she also prefers cresent moon tambourines, as also seen in the Dance and Blue Denim videos, as they are easier to sling over one's arm when not being used. However, she has been known to use the regular round kind (like on Bella Donna and in the video for World Turning).

Dance Photo with Tambo on her ArmBlue Denim

WorldBella Donna

Bella Donna

I have found that the best selection of tambourines on the net can be found at Music 123. Just browse there and find the one you like. :-)

In addition, Rock and Roll Gypsy Designs has some "tambouquets" for sale.

Johanna also sells painted tambourines, many of which can have Stevie related emblems.

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